I knew love, i experienced it once.

Its a spell, one that is used for both good and evil.

It will either chew you up and spit you back up or it can embrace you.

Love comes in all different ways and leaves in heartbreak.

Love will come in unexpectedly.

Love will fill you with all the joy and happiness you could ever imagine.

Love will strike you straight in the heart and you'll believe its truly meant to be.

But that's not always the case.

Love will come to you and you'll believe its true, but you'll soon learn its not meant to be.

Your heart will shatter into a million pieces, you try to find them and put them all back together, but theirs missing pieces.

Pieces that will never be found.

Pieces that belong to that very person who shattered your heart.

Love will never be the same.

That is until you meet the person you are truly meant to be with, your soul mate, your perfect match.

With this you feel whole again and all the pieces of your shattered heart have returned.




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