Come back to me


I don’t want to be here now but I don’t want to go.

Been gone so long now I don’t remember how.

No not how I got here but where I am now. 

I don’t live ‘cause I’ve got no soul,

 but I don’t I don’t want to die no cause I’ve got nowhere to go.

 When your hearts rearranging

and your feelings changing’

you’ve got no hand to hold on to

and the one you love yeah,

he’s gone too

tell me u love me one more time.

That’s all I need you can live your life,

she’s all you wanted

and I’m all but gutted

just tell me u love me one more time.

She’s everything to you.

 And I’m your second choice.

 I won’t be left here all alone.

I’m hanging on by you. 

And that’s my real truth.

 My promise broken

and I’m not joking’.

Bodies on the floor

you’re the one I adore

you’re the one I need

you’re not that easy to read

 it’s getting harder to breathe.

  But I’ll tell you this isn’t no haiku

 I really loved you. 


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