Pieces of Puzzles

Dear Missing Piece of Me,

As I'm looking out the window at the clear blue sky,

With the birds soaring on their tireless wings

Wy does the time always seem to fly?

On my mind are about a billion different things. 

Then the song comes on the radio; it takes me to another time

And I'm getting on that airplane,

Without a backwards glance and I'm 

Just trying to hide the pain.

Wishing you would say what we both know is true.

When we went ice skating and you kept falling

But you didn't know that I was too.

All the times we laughed at nothing...

The song comes to a close,

My gaze returns to the window; the flowers match my weeping,

And yet, there is one final, defiant rose.

The last blossom of hope; still winter is slowly creeping

And the sun is smiling down.

But a storm is raging in my eyes 

And on my face is that ever-present frown.

I should have let you know, 

I just wasn't strong enought to hold on,

Instead I just let go 

And now you are gone.


                          The Unfinished Puzzle




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