These haunting memories refuse to go away; making life more difficult day by day.  I remember the happy times,  when my heart was unshattered, and his love was all that really mattered.  looking in his eyes lightened up my soul with liberation, how could the same man bring me such humilation? Our love was not shy or easy to deny,  i'll never understand why... in a blink of an eye, it ended up being nothing but a beautful lie.  The nights are the hardest as all others sleep; I fear being alone every night of the week.  are these meories of him mine to keep?  They won't leave me alone and boy, do they cut so deep.  Stabbing my heart like a piece of meat,  I have no where to go and fall to my feet,  I look at myself in the mirror and begin to weap.  Heartbreak is unfair and abusive,  This pain has made me become so useless.  As I lay here and feel pathetic, he is with her feeling happy and energetic.  How can be that be ok? why does he get to smile? I haven't done that in quite a while.  My heart is slathered and my world as i know shattered.

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