Condemn Me to Say

Condemn my voice to state the following:


The reverie which my love set in stone has been shattered.
There is, however, in no due course, a sense in my mind which allows
For me, in time,
To be brought back, agog, once more to that awful love.


Our everlasting connection has proven itself true
For the scar which has been placed within me beguiles
My wit, with promise
And images of your innocence, in order to attack me twofold.


But that innocence is nil and your voice, like the death bells,
Which fit my shriveled heart, has been incapacitated
Neither by cloy nor draconian actions,
But by my love, which seems to accept what my intuition cannot.


It is, of course, my own asthenia which leads me closer to buckling,
And which breaks the glass, cutting me ever so slightly.
However, the light still does not refract
Through this glass, it only passes through as does my love.


When I finally find my final place of rest, my asylum,
I am aware that your heart will still be leading me, and
I apologize for this great sorrow;
However, neither of us will find peace if we lie to ourselves.


So this is, in great grief, the end of our love
But let it not be the end of our soul guided journey
Through life.
Goodnight my sweet darling, we both must remedy our pains.


Please do, by all means, condemn these words, if that may,
Even so infinitesimally, allow you to deny this abrupt end
Within our lives.

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