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What is trust?
"*THROUGH* _ALL THE_ *BULLSHITS*" *_whenever it feels so tiring, when it seems the world is smashing down after a cloudburst, of course even through all the bullshits._*
Bitter nothing passed these lips as words poured towards you in silent riffs.   A melody of sour times the money good s, the smell of muscidimes   Serene breezes flow through us
I’m honest and genuine when I declare my love for my King. I love you more than I have ever loved another, you make my soul sing. This love hit different, deeper, a real soul connection type of thing.
We feed from eachother –Fruits of the womb.Our minds meeting,A binding of souls exhumed.  
These eyes have lost many of battles These Grey eyes have felt pain, abandonment, and the unwillingness to face another day Sweet memories as the moon sets
I am not going to write about you. I am not going to write about him. I am not going to write about it. I am not going to write about me. I want to write about the world. I want to write about changes.
Oh, So I'm the bad guy? The loyal wife? The woman you promised you'd love for life? If I'm the bad guy, then what would you be?
The Sun and Moon glow their tune, far after we are done, 
Wounds open for you Blood is shed Tears escape my eyes You don't care You just don't You gave up I haven't
I want you to tell me again, because I couldn't say what I wanted too. I need you to tell me again, because I wanted to say what you expected me too. Please, just tell me again,
Power of my description  leaves your mind defenseless,  taste into the good world wanting peace in distance, touch me here I’ll capture all the things that matter, with Power flowing through
I pray you see me.  I pray you see me as I see you.  Like the rays of the sun shining on the Earth.  Your light is the epitome of life.  Your light is a smile, a laugh; a true gift upon this land. 
Faithful hound, long hast thou sat  Patiently, awaiting thy master's return By that lake for which thou art named Which my memory may no longer discern   Thou wert not mine own hound,
Kyle,  I was sitting today, in a room full of hearts,  When the subject of music arose amid the smatterings of abstract conversations. 
Dear Precious,   To many you weren’t much.
To all my friends, I am quite jealous. To all my enemies,  I am quite jealous. For you, in contrast of me,  have a "best" friend you see,  who seems to make you quite zealous.   
An icy tingle bites the tips of my shaking fingers As I reach for you.  A cold glove surrounds my heart, and it lingers,   Brittles the delicate fresia of my figure.  You walk on a carpet of fallen scales; 
I drank him in like the fifth bottle of beer. Swallowing the toxic liquid, I relived the fear. It is one o’clock in the morning, I received a text saying, “Baby, I’m home from work. Show me your body. I love you.”
What do the words " I love you" mean? Those words represent a special bond One that these days, is rarely seen Words that should be taken to infinity and beyond   That should be like a symbiotic relationship
What do the words " I love you" mean? Those words represent a special bond One that these days, is rarely seen Words that should be taken to infinity and beyond   That should be like a symbiotic relationship
with you there’s no need for explanations and no misinterpreted expectations   with you there are no fears
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price It's unconditional
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price Its unconditional
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
Doing all of these things becuase I love you...   Listening and valuing your opinions because I love you, Respecting and loyalty to you because I love you, Making you feel important and wanted
Dear Babe Confidentially, I'm tired   19 years old Damn country Fight for and die if need be  
Her: Felt like I couldn't breathe when I saw you for the hundredth time, told myself I'd be just fine when we connected eyes in class a while past nine Excited to be heartbroken once again, hated knowing it could only be provoked by her or him, wh
My heart doth beat faster, when I view o'er the world The Star-Spangled Banner in glory unfurled. 'Tis fitting and proper that it should so be Since our land was the progenitor of the free.
Fitting in was never really my goal I had plenty of friends of my own But there was something about that one group of girls That made me crave to be their clone    I tried and I tried
Love the wife of Loyalty stands with her husband's arms wrapped around her and her arms wrapped around him in an warming embrace. Loyalty looked into the eyes of Love and said
Love the wife of Loyalty stands with her husband's arms wrapped around her and her arms wrapped around him in a warming embrace. Loyalty looked into the eyes of Love and said
No one can compare her care , She is most loyal creature here. Everyone prays for something or the other, I find everything in the lap of my mother. I just cant express my love for her,
The knife in our backs The memories revived I see it all When he plunged it in my soul.   How cruel was he,  Listening to me complain As the soul I was allegiant to 
what is a brother  a brother is somebody who cares about you Somebody who talks about you
I reach out Then I pull back And squeeze my eyes shut After all, They don’t need me anymore   I stand in the dust
As I was staring up at the skies the wind blew you right through my mind I looked at the gaps between my fingers and realized your hands would fit perfectly into mine
  He is tall, he is handsome, he is original. He is smart, he is talented and he gets me threw the obstacle. No matter the day, no matter the time
You were just my brother Every morning as I'd get out of bed Mom and Dad in the kitchen holding coffee mugs as they shake their heads "We've tried everything we could" "The rehab hasn't done any good"
Charismatic and charming is he, who steals my love only to flee. He who shines as bright as day, takes my heart but doesn't stay. Arrogant and scheming is he, who picks my flaws and laughs at me.
The real question stands betwixt "live" and "survive" The latter just lifeblood, the former to thrive Any man can say he needs nought but food And cares not what the term "to live" includes  
Never. Never give up on me. I'm like a tree, budding in my love for thee First, I will not know For my limbs had not yet been free From their canopy of leaves Then when I do, I'll be uncertain,
Voices, voices every where. Where are you? I'm really scared. I'm shivering all alone. Where are you? Where's my phone?
"It's your name i call Until my throat is raw Because i know you saw How, with my fatal flaw I felt your absense like a claw But still more poisin there is to draw, Out from the wound
Fidelity A leash on a wild dog A contract we both signed but never read A bubble we trap ourselves in A rope keeping us on the best path as we sail
the obligation to one’s family is a curious thing that I do question an unsaid contract you take happily or otherwise you better not mention  
Never has there been a trustier steed! He never falters, Never complains about the rocky road. Pushing on towards his given destination, No matter how fatigued he feels. He gives you his all,
You are my friend I will always be there for you. May it be cold and raining or hot and sunny. May it be when the tears flow from your cheeks. May it be when cheerful and dancing with a smile.
By the kinsmen of tomorrow and the men who are present The women shall shine with radiance and thus we shall march As love blossoms in spring and amnesia comes in the winter  
I am a jester and a fool Trickster here to scare your ghouls Living only for laughter’s mercy   I am a soft mouthed labrador
Origin (Innocence of the Past)
I want someone. Someone whose thoughts will collide with mine. Someone whose thoughts shall make love with mine. Someone whose on the same wavelength as me. Someone who can fuck with me.
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
Someone to talk to when in distress,
The scars are all over. I think about all of the pain. But also about how much I've gained. Listening to hate, People getting raped. Aiming to succeed, Passing up my problems with a gigantic lead.  
Loyalty is all
Always by your side shall I stay
Loyalty,   Some may struggle with Loyalty; Others may know it well. Its touch can pull a lost soul, From the deep depths of Hell.   To be loyal is selflessness;
My existence is for me, for youI'm sweet and discrete in everything I doWise and powerful on my ownBut never shall I be aloneThe wonderland inside meConservative and trueAll I can be
Some people walk through life, some people run. We can't stop regretting the things that we've done. Success it what drives us to be better, failure is what drives us to despair.
Leaving my twin Vin Seperate for the first time Will I survive it
I am the late night talks with you,
These Castle Walls are stronger then they look. I don't  have the power to break them down, not as it took to raise them up. I don't want to destroy this beautiful master piece. Whoever built this, must have alot to worry about .
A Second of Forever   One Second,    Two Second,    Three Second,    Four.   This feel brings me joy
There is a girl. A girl with beautiful eyes And a stunning personality The room lights up
When I say “I love you”, I mean it I know it’s right
Look here forward Future told Scrolls are written Don't unfold Don't hold near or close to thee Taking lives and take a knee Hands stained pale Soul lost in lies
What will it take for you to see that I just want to be. A friend, not a lover, cause I know you have another. Understand ? or is that to hard to comprehend, that a guy can just be. I just want to be.
When we first met, you were just the next in line. I already had someone; someone better. Someone who got there first. And I could never call you Dad.
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
My skin burns where your hands once were like acid on light flesh. I've taken four showers today to try to wash away the pain but your handprint stays on my porcelain skin.
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
I love you more than words can say.
If I don't hold you down who will What if I don't hold your hand when you're ready to quit
The pain in the pit of my stomach made me die a little more inside I don’t deserve to be treated like this is what I’ve began to realize Too many chances turning into lies as I give them away
I am hearing my name, faintly. The crying, the yelling, getting clearer. I am coming to, realizing what has happened. Glass, all over, windshield shattered. I glance over to Em, mouth moving
When I plead "Stay with me."  You say "Always."  When I beg " Don't leave."  You say "Never."  When I ask "Do you love me?"  You say "Forever." 
Be  my friend. Help me to my feet when life knocks me down. Hold me when the world makes me cry. Laugh at me when i trip over air. Be my friend. Be the one person that makes a difference in my life. Be the shoulder that I can cry on.
What Did i Do That Was So Wronq All iReally Wanted Was For Us Tew Ghet Alonq I Thought This Relationship Was PERFECT :) But iGuess He Doesn't Feel The Samee And That Really Does Hurt Me
Summer stars and fireworks And watermelon rinds It was on those sky-blue days We had the best of times  
Child runs into the street  To get his bright new ball Semi comes crashing down the road Unable to stop in time A scream A screech A hollow howl Tears dropped by all around
I convinced myself that the world hated me. I saw there's no good I could be. In reality I was the only real bully. I beat myself up and called myself ugly. I saw that I all I ever brought was pain.
Wrapped up in an ever incasing silence The sound of my heartbeat is the same of my fingers Drumming on my head Thinking and writing How can I pursue you? What will it take to make you understand that
What’s the point of exhaling, When no one wants you to inhale We are all a bunch of hypocrites, you know? We say we love, but We stab each other in the back We say we heal, but
He looked so sad in photographs; He looked so scared, so lost, confused, and yet he laughed. That tentative half-smile, those distant eyes, portray a struggle, wounds, and damage. He feels so isolated
Family is always supposed to be there for you . Whether your mood is happy, sad, or mad. Family should never forsake you. Should never leave you feeling lonely. When time gets rough, we have to stick together. No one should be left behind.
When you saw me upset, you immediately knew When I had a question, you had the answer When I needed help, you gave the advice When I needed to laugh, you were the smile When I needed to talk, you were the ear
With a force greater than gravity I'd fight for you, Because this life won't mean a thing if you're not sheltered beneath my wing, With a depth deeper than the darkest abyss I can relate to you,
Desires I openly nearly never express
Mix, Match Switch, Swap The mysteries don’t ever stop Flip, Flop Criss, Cross You’ll solve ‘em, now won’t ya boss? Toss, Catch Fail, Win Your ego is a savored sin
Their is deception that dwells in me. A struggle within to exlude my false being. If nothing more, all I ask for is truth. Not much to gain and their is even more to lose.
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