Another Descendant of the Stars

Origin (Innocence of the Past)

I hail from the fallen stardusts of above,

back in the days when the heavens still smiled,

Reborn from the transcendent memories of the wide eyed vagabond

whose love and ashes can be sent a thousand miles.

From the melody of the ancient grand piano romancing the tune,

I danced into existence,

Till the end of eternity, I will always be me

Uneroded by time

In sincerity, in heart, in essence.


Lamenting and Loyalty (Sadness and Passions of the Present)

I am imperfect, I am mortal, I am human.

I have sinned like the rest of you,

but I shall always repent and amend my wrongdoings

For I uphold the honor of the forgotten times of old.


But although I may be forgiven,

being forgiven is something I also fear 

Because this heart that locked away

the silent memories of ancient eternity

still laments


I am cold, I am quiet, but I am a romantic at heart

But the scalding blade of a friend's betrayl affects me no more

For this body is accustomed to the burns; the scarring

For betrayal well knows my name 

Nevertheless, I am kind, compassionate, and loyal

Yet the smile I wear to comfort my allies

still melts into a quiet sadness at the happy counterfeit I paint.


I am patient, I am stubborn, I am loyal

To suffer for you, my friend, is my honor

No matter the blood that will stain my hands

No matter if I fall in the end

No matter if I am torn to shreds

I will never die, for my soul will always live.

This foreboding path of "self-destruction," you say

You can scold me for it

But this is my carefully guarded promise, that defines me as who I am.



The Second Death (Resolution Against the Sins of the Past, Present and Future)

Words that leave my lips

always resonates with kindness for those who listen,

But it does not match the melody of the grand piano that crafted me

The music is empty...yearning for truth that the vagabond sought

...For affection...

The pain deep inside me brings me to tears


Fighting, hatred, enmity

In the cusp of eternity

what is it all about?

In this ephemeral faint dream in which I live in,

where evil masquerades itself with good,

I will always be a small speck among countless,

living, loving, and acknowleding.



I'll walk towards a future where I will reach for the intangible,

burning bridges that had led to realms that betrayed me

With my silk raven hair in the wind as the last token of sight

Nevermore, shall I return to such realms


If I fall, I will rise again

For I was born under the jurisdiction of the noble Steel Dragon.

Even in this world where the light can be blinding,

allowing darkness to comsume,

I will rise again

because that is the shallow nightmare

that I know is not the nature of dark and light


At my death, the crows will soar with the dew of my tears,

that will disintegrate with the ancient secrets of this Earth

I'll go to a sancuary that may understand these thoughts

For I am a descendant of the stars

For I am the glass princess that holds the soul of the loyal midnight knight

For I am a dragon that can fly into uncharted skies

For I am a human

I am me












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