Sane With You

Voices, voices every where.
Where are you? I'm really scared.
I'm shivering all alone.
Where are you? Where's my phone?

They're shouting and laughing at me.
They don't believe I will pursue my dreams.
I planned it out, so how can that be?
How do I escape? What is the key?

I'm yanking my hair. Too much insanity.
Where are you? I need conformity.
They're yelling. Too much profanity.
I need you now. You have the ability...

To make me sane. Listen to me. Believe me.
Don't give up on me. I love your honesty.
Your presence calms me down... Silently.
I hug you and you open up... Happily.

I skim through memories and the rough times.
All the days you had my back. Good times.
My confidence comes back in line with chimes.
My diary is all I need to keep me out of facial slimes.

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