Pain in Hiding Comes to Light

     He sat next to the window as he got ready for bed. But     couldnt go to be cuz he had a lot of pain in his head, Thoughts reminised as the tears of his cry fell, but no one could hear them, because no one could tell. Hit, scratched, punched and talked down to, was the mental note that he couldn't pass through. Tears, cries, sobbs, and weeps was the soemthing he called his speciality. His heart was broken for what he told, but everyone looked at it as a heart that could hold. He was the guy that hid from love, but then he found the one. Tall, lanky bruised arm firl, he knew couldn't bai. he found the one that could tell his tale. They cried together, made each other strong, because they knew they were meant to belong. Getting awy together could make the pain go away. But who said to wait until 18, the right age. Run, jump, climb, crawl. They did everything to make their distance long. Free from pain, but locked in love. These two never knew the true meaning of US!    


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