Blood to Bond

The real question stands betwixt "live" and "survive"

The latter just lifeblood, the former to thrive

Any man can say he needs nought but food

And cares not what the term "to live" includes


I myself have simple demands

And they are easily met at hands

Whose power I do not control

Nor can I guarantee their docility whole


I have but two true friends that would die

Before they'd watch me fall and lie

Bullet, blade, or biochemical tox

These would bleed for me, for they love me a lot


They are the ones I can't live without

Nor in their absence could I long survive

But a day or two without their presence

And my days would sooner cease to thrive


Give but a week longer than that deprived

And I would no longer be alive

For in their absence, I'd surely not survive

Without their fealty, I would die


This poem is about: 
My family


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