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Women are conditioned to dress like prey. High heels, uncomfortable and impractical to wear, are designed subconsciously to imitate the hooves of grazing animals like deer. Women are to be like earth.
My cart stopped. I loosened my grip on the handle. There before me was the most beautiful blue sweater hanging on the rack. Then it wasn't. Who was this random woman stealing my joy? Waiting.
A liquid asset currently in my safe. In bullet form it can kill a werewolf. He who has the desired personality type women want.   The color one’s hair turns with age/stress.
I thought I saw a sparkle A sparkle in your hair And for, just for one second I thought just you were there But then I saw your mirror Your two, your three, your four And so you fade to nothing
"Offstep"   What does it mean to stand out? To be that one person in a mass of thousands, one step behind while everyone is two steps ahead, to feel the wrinkles of your shirt ripple against your chest
Attention shoppers, Please ignore the mess you've made all over the world. Not just you, brands too. The mess caused by the masses is nothing to worry about.
The Vulva Dress puts the notion of opening conversation and normalizing the vulva through fashion. The intentions for the piece was to strip down the functionality of the dress to completely focus on the folds of the vulva.
Like summer cockroaches they come out hot & defiant - scattering swiftly in all directions. Breaking free from decency
dear blue jeans,    let me explain.  i know this time has been difficult for you—   you, punctual and monotoned,  ten years with a dusty crooked-smile contractor who wore you like the period 
Rapunzel was alone most days and most nights She grew sad and felt no meaning was meant for her Her golden hair grew long and luscious Her once bright purple dress turned cold and frail
Once upon a time, there was a young black man named Marcus. Marcus grew up just wanting to be the best he could possibly be, to make his parents proud and to help end all of their struggles. Marcus dream job was to become the next Tinker Hatfield,
Music, words spoken  Fashion design, theatre  Drawings and paintings  
Who am I?   I am the starving artist. I am what I create. I am the idea, the draft, the rendered piece, the carefully calculated patterns, the fabric meticulously selected,
I am me From my head  To my toes I am the universe But I am very small I am my culture But I am different I am bisexual But I am not confused I am a friend
Its not the clothes I wear the skin I’m in
Wily charms of erected façades placatethe dissimulated crowds of unreasonabilitywaiting to laud falsity to heights unwarrantedwithin this impossible dream-of-a-life covered by
In cold varietal fashionWith stone-faced disregardShe sashays the runway of hungry eyesWith a made up heartAnd painted faceExposed to all in frilly laceThe cover under where she'll hide
Fossil fashions,The relics of yesterday,I dig through my drawers.TV, radio, papers, people,A thousand words a second,A downpour floods my garden.The sun shines on all,
Fashion.  Fashion is a dream. Fashion is a fairytale wedding sewed at the seam.    Fashion.  Fashion is not hard to achieve.  Fashion is full of creativity that one's mind will concieve.   
Bump, bump, bump, the needle goes. Stitch after stitch; they form a row. Two pieces of fabric sewn to make a seam. Sew, pull, cut; it becomes a routine.   Hard work and imagination you need
There’s something comical
Everyone believes that filters make themselve look better No one looks at the true beauty behind the big bulky sweater
As you barbarically rip the skin from my back
I am more than a genetically modified organismThat was constructed for scientific research. 
My love for fashion wildly grows, For everytime I walk into a store I cannot help, but buy more clothes; I shop, and shop until I snore. Blouses, skirts, and pants alike,
Shameful spirits are surrounding me, who wants to see me fail
i hide behind a mask So I could hide my tear Soo that peole can't see my emotions I make sure that no one can jude me My sexuality is what hide the most from everyone
My closet is full of curtains
If you're in it Then own it.    Every facet    Every detail    Every store tag    Sale or retail If you bought it Then own it.   And not just the poppin' collar
The silent breeze blows  Streetlights dim as the sun rises Tomorrow is today
It is not a particularly taxing question Nor is it a question I can easily formulate a response The obvious answer to this question is that I find it chic, But there is more to it than that  
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Are the standards of today a consensus? Does everyone really agree as to What's out and what's in Glamour versus sin Too fat versus too thin?  
Autumn Bench     Jewlina Matthews    
The steady hum , the consistent stitching. What seems to have been a million parts is now One. It slips over a form, curves and drapes and ruches. From sketch to sculpture, garments become art.
  My dream job  is not the job that I need
Bright Lights shining over a long catwalk Models strut the latest to the latest For the latest Fads and trends and worldwide blends
Shopping--It's not just a hobby.   Interest in fashion can be turned into a career Lucky me--being creative is why I've been put here.   Yet I've realized business should be part of my path
Design, align, refine, divine. I want to feel so alive and create new lives and free old minds. I want to be the creator, the innovator, the elevator of people's personal style and self esteem.
I bet you anything That no one would say That one day The wish to work for a job with no pay. Let me just tell you        I would. What's money anyway?    Its just a way
what MY dream job means to MEMY dream job in America no one takes seriousy
What’s it called when you work hours on end? Yet every minute seems worth wild I think it’s the same thing that makes me smile That phrase “If you love what you’re doing then you’ll never work a day in your life”
Fashion has always been a dr
From the time I was small, I was obsessed with the mall,In pre-school, I cared what I wore.I laid all my clothes on the bed every day,They had to be pressed, that’s for sure.
I dream all the time 
    The mirror before her Shows different from the view within.   Stiches sewn along her two lips I see her bloody outcry.   Black blue and purple covering her pale white flesh
When I was a litte girl, I wanted to be Barbie.   When I was a teenager,
The men over sea are following their dreams, fighting for us and helping us be free. One day my love will go with to join the fight, and I'll be left behind wondering where I belong in the strife.
that dream job i want isn't so easy to be reached but i wont give up  
When I look at their faces, Drenched in perfection, When I flip the pages, I look into their eyes, like they're masked in disguise, they look so ideal, This cannot be real,
I wanted glory and I wanted fameI wanted everyone to know my nameI needed power, I wanted prestige
Shoes are
Bathrooms are sloppy classrooms are lively filled with thread
  I am insane. Accept it or not. I am not the type to change just for any person. So don’t even try,  Because I will never alter.
  Fashion design, what I was born to do Sketch and design is what interests me most But styling and selling suits me too Fashion shows, I would like to be the host  
As i stand there contemplating  I see my life slowing fadding. I could go to the left with my friends or go to the right where my future attends. I understand that friends with always be there
A light breeze brushing my cheek, Turning my face rosy. Leaves falling from the trees Into my long, blonde hair. Taking step after step Onto the concrete path. A sip so strong
It began when a little girl raided through her mother’s old clothing on a rainy, summer afternoon. Boxes and bins began to empty as she set aside only the best and most hopeful of the pieces.
I love fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I'm in. It can invite people in and show the softer side of me. Our choice of clothes represent inner desires and emotions which we want to show or hide too.
Deciet whispers to them loudly once.
  The first time I laid eyes on you I knew we were bound to be together   You're so different from the rest I feel like you express who I am   I'm so very fortunate to have you
(poems go here) I want those heels- Those sparkling, silver heels- With shanks so long that I could stab someone with those heels,
My skin hangs weightlessly off my bones, like an old shirt on a clothes hanger. My stomach feels no hunger, it no longer knows what hunger is.
They're soft they're stretchy sometimes made out of mesh you can always find one on my head they line my walls leaving a rainbow they speak to me to choose them they want to be worn
Let there be Circles Let there be Lines Let there be Colors Let there be Fashion.
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