A Bite of The Apple


From the time I was small, I was obsessed with the mall,

In pre-school, I cared what I wore.

I laid all my clothes on the bed every day,

They had to be pressed, that’s for sure.

They thought it would pass, this love of mine,

for fashion it couldn’t be true.

That a small little boy, from a small little town,

Would dream of giving the Big Apple a chew.

Somehow I felt like Ralph, Tommy, and Gianni were my friends,

I watched them with intense delight.

I wanted to learn how the masters worked,

if they did it, it had to be right.

I dream of a job in Fashion Merchandising,

with an education from my dream school, LIM.

The skills that I’ll obtain while studying there,

makes my future look bright, not grim.

I plan to work hard for this dream of mine,

I know it’ll be no easy feat.

But the opportunity I’ll have to change my life,

makes the struggles and hard work pretty neat!

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