Like summer cockroaches

they come out hot & defiant -

scattering swiftly in all directions.

Breaking free

from decency

like snakes shedding skin.

Their clothes wear thin

displaying the lack of decorum within.

What some women have lied for,

some – beaten - have cried for

Yet more and more have died for it –

what you are simply giving for free.

With unchecked tongues they call you ‘hoes’

With heaving breasts all exposed

Midriff bulge, thick with thighs

to the extreme, burning our eyes.

Don’t give it up for free

It’s not about the poo

I’m just speaking Dignity

I’m simply talking to you.

What we see is not what you think

No one ever taught you value?

So you can’t see what’s true.

Like roaches in the night;

You get blinded in the light

Thinking the sound you hear is applause.

That’s not what you got climbing the walls

Predators, like centipedes, also hitting the streets

Tens upon thousands on the prowl;

You’re the prey they will eat.

With no apologies to hear,

say they’re just trying to survive;

it’s hard enough out here for us all

without you trying to glamorize

the sleazy, the skeezy, the greasy and the easy.

Come back to thee, sweet Dignity.

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