The Right Road


Winchester Trl
United States
35° 55' 25.4532" N, 91° 29' 46.3776" W

As i stand there contemplating 

I see my life slowing fadding.

I could go to the left with my friends

or go to the right where my future attends.

I understand that friends with always be there

but my future beholds something great, its one big scare.

As i go to the left i start to see flashing lights,

it might be a warning or a sign.

Im almost to the end of the road but i feel out of place,

everyone is running, its like a big race.

As i look back 

i see that no one is putting up a fight on the right.

I start to slowly walk away from the others,

maybe the lights were a sign,

I am different and im not competing for the same thing

and i start to have a flashback of me sewing.

Going down the right road is long and loney,

but i know im close as i see the finish line .

Strangley i start to hear people clapping and shouting.

I see flashing lights and a long runway,

im here im finslly here.

Reporters and critcs start to congrauate me,

i did it, i really did it.

My future is hear and it amazing and very chic.

My clothing line is in fashion week and i made it.




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