Creation of Life


Design, align, refine, divine. I want to feel so alive and create new lives and free old minds. I want to be the creator, the innovator, the elevator of people's personal style and self esteem. I have a desire to inspire the fabrics that people model on their bodies. Being a fashion designer would mean I design the clothes that unlocks the wildest of dreams, trips to places never seen, materials and clothing that are not just for the lean. Creation of life would begin in my hands, and by life I mean the clothing that gives us life, the clothing that makes a man pick out his future wife, the clothing that takes away strife, the clothing that cuts like a knife through all the depression and oppression of life. I want to be the mother of style, a genius, a mastermind. I want to change lives through what people wear on their bodies and in their hair. I have a burning desire to design, aline, and refine. This would be so divine!


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