The Shot


I dream all the time 

of the life I want to live,

to be noticed in the fashion world.

Not in front of the camera, 

but behind it. 


When I look at people all I see is beauty,

The potential shot, 

the shot that could change fashion photography



I want to change the world through a lens.

I want people to see my work on the cover of Vouge. 

I want to be the photographer

that people see my work

and be overcome by emotion.


My camera is my voice,

my way of expressing other people to the world.

I want my art to influence a nation. 

To change the way people see art.

I want them to feel something, 

anything when they see my photos.


Look through my lens and you may see

love, death, anger, or happiness.

But let me show you how I can

create art with just one shot, just one chance. 


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