A liquid asset currently in my safe.

In bullet form it can kill a werewolf.

He who has the desired personality type women want.


The color one’s hair turns with age/stress.

One of seven popular vehicle colors.

He who can make me smile and laugh.


Made up 90% of a pre-1935 one-dollar coin

The Lone Ranger’s trusty steed.

Him with a positively charged and fun attitude.


The main antagonist in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

A popular fast seafood joint similar-to Captain D’s.

My new best friend


Forks, spoons, knives and platters

Trophies, jewelry, fashion and 2nd place

Cocky, intelligent, assertive and considerate


Wallet chains, nail polish, pet tags and piercings

Purses, buckles, glitter and one’s 25th anniversary

Kind, hard-working, chivalrous and good-looking


Norrin Radd from the planet Zenn-La

Has unmatched conductive and thermal qualities

He who unexpectedly stole my heart.



Fitzy Marlote

This was the first poem inspired by my feelings for Silver; written on 5/21/18.

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