Black fur coat

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 13:55 -- mhan


Outdoor cafe
United States
I'm a'walking
And so are you
Each in a long fur coat
Black to the knees.
The fashionista's languor
Worn in a crowded bus stop
Catches the eyes then
Flings them away,
Yet thought it trails behind.
I'm a'walking
And so are you
It looks like we're getting closer.
Geographically I believe
We're both in Italy
During an outrageous cold front.
The belligerents in troubled countries
Envy the gusto with which the winds
Throw at our faces
And the ease with which
We surrender.
I'm a'walking
And so are you
We're in the land of the free.
They say we're not safe
And it's a disgrace
The NSA looks on as I sleep.
Yet today
Maybe today
We will meet
It happens not,
And I sleep a watchful sleep.
I'm a'walking
And so are you
You've sat and read a book.
The snowflakes are settling
Lightly on fur
The soft black trim of our coats.
At the precise time we're both on our feet
And walking in parallel direction.
All of a sudden we're separated by table
Then side by side
Nothing more.



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