A Golden Burdon

Rapunzel was alone most days and most nights

She grew sad and felt no meaning was meant for her

Her golden hair grew long and luscious

Her once bright purple dress turned cold and frail

She used to imagine a life outside this 10-story tower

A world where everything was at her feet.


But alas, her interest fell short and dull

Her paintings of grandeur turned to grey

The books she had read became boring and timely

She became hopeless and emotionless

She became thin and dirty without a care in her mind

And time all seemed to mangle her brain.


A green book with black notes read

“Dreams of Never Ever Land” by Rapunzel

Indeed her once made up feature was too good to be true

But it wrote about worlds unseen and oceans far

Her mother said never to leave the tower, however

Obey she did not, and death was upon her.


Quick and swift she froze

A few minutes of struggle

The blade lay against her banded hair

And relief all at last

Her dream came true

A permanent flag of gold out of her tower.


As she fell from the window of her tower she flew

The air rushed passed her and the grass came fast

Her heart beat quickened and deepened

But she had no cushion for a fall

The only thing left for her was a patch of grass

And underneath was sod.


Her body was mangled

Her dress torn

Her hair had been cut and lost its glow

Her eyes rested open, beautiful and green

Days went by and no one found her

Years went by and not a soul cared. 


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