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I sat and watch the stars above How gracious how belove The nature and the love The earth is full of beauty, With nature unity What a blessed creativity
I am young and feel as if I don't have a voice. The things in my life I don't have a choice. Others try to give encouragement and advice, but how do I know the truths from lies?
Props and patterns, It's all up to you. How do you choose to feel today? You see, Lately, you haven't been giving yourself enough thanks; Enough paint to finish your masterpiece.
The dead end sign is just a sign. And that dividing wall is just a wall. Those stereotypes are just words from the ignorant ones. I am better than what you think. I am more than just a minority,
As the sunset and the stars begin to shine the only thing crosses my mind is WHY
Love Day in and day out Sexuality questioned because I don't follow the common guide to attraction I want to love too But why should I follow society's rules? I want to be held I want to cuddle
Has Anyone Told You... Today? If Not, Let Me Be The First! Has Anyone Told You... That They Love You Let Me Be The First! Has Anyone Told You.... That You Are Beautiful
Lines upon lines of this beautiful art Who's composition lies within the heart, Of the artist. No need to see or to view  For the beat plays through His mind, His head,  There's nothing he can do
A car crashed After being quiet abashed From a seed of pain
Step by stepI move to the beat.
A human has two hands Made to explore the land And touch all that is grand Shaping the world into a dream
Look!  Look! Up there in the sky! A canvas of grey, some splashes of white. Look! See! A sliver of blue, That slips like a bullet straight toward me and you! Oh! Look!
The prospect of independence, The idea of alone time, With no friends around, I just do my own thing. Everyday would be a new adventure. Everyday would be something interesting.
Have you ever felt the kiss of a good book? It's delectable-- the wispy yellowed pages caress your fingertips
What beauty and sights, hardly;
She was the Juliet of my city.
The tripod is set, and the camera is rolling Count down starts as time is on going. I look at the Lens from deep within Watching my viewers who can’t wait to begin. 1 view, 2 views 3 even 4
Decorating a chocolate cake Forming teams for an intense water war Pushing your brother in the lake Playing hide and seek behind a door Listening to music turned up high Singing in a hot shower
The iron is my best friend, my goal is for the bar to bend Training to maximum potential, my possibilities are exponential Conquering my goals vehemently, proper nutrition and training frequently
Last night I looked at you And I could feel it  I could feel the love that filled my entire body  The kind that made my days  the kind that made my toes curl 
The golden hue of a time forgotten  Silver shades of today, Together they meld into the generations of my family. Charcoal shadows give character to the night While white light bathes the day in hope.
Let’s play pretend   Let’s pretend we’re explorers, roaming through uncharted territories, undiscovered scars
The world               Is so...                          dark. What I've been taught to fear And what I hear When there's killings,                                  and beatings
A catharsis exuded alongside pencil and paper. Not always compliant
Smells like melted butter A pinch of cinnamon The local newspaper headlines Events that will only be known within a five-mile radius Hesitant sunshine dipping into the kitchen
You could say that everyone thinks of me as a little crazy; simply because they don't understand me. I spend my weekends with my best friends, but we do not talk to eachother, we speak to eachother in a hidden language.
Sometimes I wish it was possible to freeze time and live in a single moment for forever. Like today, today I stuck my head out the open car window, listened to the leaves crackle
Live Number your days and letter your words, Take time to sit and listen to birds, Nothing can last forever they say,
I hear a knock- Subtle at first, then louder. A soft whispering: "Come see the world!"   Should I open the door Or hide in the dark? My fate lies open Like a country road.  
I don't want to die,
I'm suffocating I’m drowning My cells collapsing I’m being dispersed Becoming air I am almost nothing
My art encourages me, And amplifies my sound. It embraces me for who I am, And makes me feel free. Unbound to the troubles that exist in this world, Lost in time itself, That is who I become.
What is a friend? If you are unsure, I can tell you more? Friends are not selfish This I can say for certain My Friends are not the normal type They are loud, proud, black and bright
Black Crow Roar Me Your Song Should I fly? Should i soar? This bird stays caged no more Like a phoenix, a fire lays dormant inside Notes running frantically, jumbled up in my mind
Oh Summer     Oh Summer, Where did you go? As I pondered, I missed you so.
A day has not gone by Since I been apart from you. Waking up to your sweet aroma Arouses me with joy. The moment you touch my tongue I feel shivers through my spine. Every time you met my lips
swing sets---have this way about them when you’re up in that momentary air you can reach up and catch infinity before sewing it into your pockets. -----for that split second gravity has nothing on you.
What makes Anonymous happy is not anything sappy except for the two preceding lines. What makes Anonymous happy is to see others happy-- if only they would be happy for the truth.
Senior year: The year of heavy-body, tear inducing stress. The year of supposed fun that nobody has. The year of being top dog over nothing.   Is that all I have to look forward to?
What is it that brings me joy? It's rather quite simple, It's just being who I am. I am a dancer, A writer, An artist, A cyclist and a linguist.   My passion is in living
When my name be tied to success My spirit shall soar past the sky. Forever I am free of stress, When my name be tied to success.
Living a life of nothing but lies is living a life where everyone hides. Hide behind those bright blue eyes, hide behind those clear blue cries. She is strong she is bright she is thin she is light,
Knowing you’re waiting for me at home makes my day seem torturously long. When I walk in the door, I know right away I need to find you—I’ve been craving you for hours.
Schools in session, Welcome another year, Almost time to go, Yet my homework pile contiues to grow. SLEEP, what is that? FUN, what is that? LUNCH, hardly get that!
If my emotions traveled up a ladder, Then my feet would be debate Biting and electrifying against the wooden rungs as I fight to emancipate from the acceleration of Gravity, now commenced.
Times will be bad,
I'm proud of all the effort that I put into my mental well being. The previous despair that kept me frozen and unseeing is easily done away with due to my new medication.
There are thousands of songs With cheerful melodies And smiling musicians That say to lighten up The world isn’t a bad place It gets better The list goes on
In your mind you have a place One that only you can access  Scenarios that never come to light Things that only you can imagine A place where you can be happy   Reality hits, and you're back
If you became blind, what would you remember? The color of autumn leaves in September? Your mother's face; The stars in space; The spark of a fiery, glowing ember?  
A beautiful life is one which is adorned in words, With no words would be, No "I love you" With no words would be, No promises, With no words would be, No memories,
My main source of uplifting comes in the form of an object which you may not expect. It consists of a cover and pages filled with words, Yes, it is a book, and perhaps I am a nerd.  
I am uplifted by Music.   If I can put in my earphones, I do it.   If I can replay a song that energizes me, I play it.   Music is my outlet, Music is my Forte. 
Herald, the wait for joy no longer the case!
I read to escape reality Yet another builds up around me It engulfs my being and doubts my existence on Earth
"I want to be a superhero" My mom smiled and nodded her head She made me a cape
Oh no! The words flew from the mouths of bystanders seeking the cause of the accident. Not me. The bitterness of my salty tears flowed down my face like a thunderstrom swirling in my soul. Not emotional tears. Laughing tears.
Seeing you is like looking up into the sun.  You're so bright and warm, and you light up my life. Hearing you is twice the fun. 
A Jester's Guide to Happiness
There we were, on the last day I knew leaving them was my only crime But I told them, “Until next time!” Even so, the fact remained: I was going away The memories rush back to me
August. I remember it was a Thursday. It rained for a while, but we made the best out of it. You made me truly laugh, which hadn’t happened in a while.
An infinity or a figure eight. Your fingers always seem to trace. As if you’re trying to unlock a gate. Your fingers trace perhaps a face?   A trace made only by your hands.
The leaves fall with ease and the kids begin to grieve as the summer weaves into the distance with a cool, fall breeze. Gone for now are the pool parties, relaxation, and warm days,
In a gigantic galaxy Lies the 3rd rock from the sun Sustaining all kinds of life It continuously spun Simultaneously rotating as it orbits Causing change in every 3 months
I remember like yesterday, it was 2013 I was on the mock trial team, you know what I mean? I'm talking judges, lawyers, witnesses, directs
The feet tap by the millisecond.
Out of all that makes me happy, I include scenarios I make in my head. The stories I dream, thinking at night, Laying alone in my bed.   If you haven’t done this, give it a shot,
As a elementary student I read books to get gold medals It was for competition, climbing academic levels However my competitiveness turned into a love affair  Books became my escape from despair 
Different aspects of life, new born babies that are born with innocence. Smiles that are filled with joy and excitement the sweet, sweet candies I devoured as a child, that left me with nothing but delightment.
Schadenfreude was the word to describe joy for me. But is it really pain I enjoy watching? It is because they are the one to suffer and not me? Its a terrible habit but yet it is a guilty pleasure.
My education makes me happy if it wasnt for education I would'nt even have a temptation to pursue what I want to become
In the dying hours of every day I find myself cheered By the details of the world:   Birdsong, An open voice,
I lay across the grass, a book in my hands A breeze spreads over me as I am transported to a different land.
A magnificent work of art, An abstract painting up above. Bringing peace and serenity, And happiness and love. A resplendent spectrum of colors, An inspiring, heavenly sight.
Mother Earth spreads her children far and wide. Their existence is well-known by but few. My discovery the groom; they the bride.
I'm trapped by society. A society that works much like a beehive.  The world follows this unknown queen with lingering questions left upon their lips.  Our life is a cycle, a pattern of actions and commands.
Atop the steepest hill, my hand comes off the brake again. And I move slowly at first, But that soon changes. I Pity the wind that tries to stop me as I go faster: faster than everyone
Wait ‘til you see, What I can do, I’d love to show you, You know I would.   I love to watch, You smile, Without vile, Intentions.   I can’t wait to see your face,
It’s hard to imagine where I’d be
I dreamt that Summer crept into my room  One Fall night Betwitched me into bed sung me sun-struck and kissed me (I think I made it up inside my mind) She drowsily whispered 
When I watch golden, fluffy dandelions turn into white puffs in the wind, I think of our finite days on our finite planes that have to finitely end.
It makes me happy and makes others sad I drive gas and they drive hybrid I get dirty and they get nerd I modify and they replace I love my old car
One of the greatest pleasures in life, Bagehot told me, is doing what people say YA CAN'T. IMPOSSIBLE. STOP. DON'T EVEN TRY.   I love to prove them wrong. 
In that dark roomat the end of the never ending hallway,laying in her white sheets, in nothing but a gown,all alone,with the clicks and clangs of the cold machines,the rhythmic beeps taunt her.
Glorious sounds slice through my anger and stress. Unbelievable.  In the vibrato of the strings I can hear The musical progressions tug at my heart. It
This thing that makes me smile 
What's my favorite thing? What makes my day? Sitting down, my spine uncurling,
The sun peeping through my window as my 6:40 alarm clock goes off. My coffee brewing as I get ready to leave for school. The 14 freckles that take up your face. The kisses my puppy gives me when i come home.
Staring out the window the snow dances quietly in the pitch of night beyond the sparkling lights in the Christmas tree The smell of hazelnut and cocoa  laces the air from the steaming mug on the living room table
Time for memories For loved ones and laughs and care Staying together
As Summer comes to a close and Fall flowers arose my mind lingers on those who were taken by bros. When family hurts family the pain that I feel is stronger than I can yield and my knees buckle to my heels.
Food makes me really happy
The Message in a Bottle By Tapiwa Mzumara     Standing in front of a crowd
This infinite self resonating through eternity. I made you both from scratch and you are both so much more than me.   My sweet serious boy who hates mess and craves preservation.
The hour glass flips over as soon as you're born Time creeps away like nocturnal raccoon You go about life like a winding staircase At first you take caution with every landing you reach
I love the rain not because of the smell or because it makes the flowers grow but because when I stand beneath it I can breathe I am made anew It washes away my transgressions
Evening breeze, Through the summer green leaves,  Of the big oak trees. Music to accompany, The mellow thoughts in my mind. Jazmine, Bey, Janelle, Jilly, The whole nine. Staying up
The delay is over and the chapter of adolescence we've all anticipated has come to breath;  
What do you see when you look at her Most would say a soldier indeed But behind every smile is a story
“Perhaps this is the end of the line.”
Intouched we see a heart that beats bounces to him where the sun pure bleeds never touched but seen In touched we see there in sleep odor of crys there in pure heat
The excitement of life Persists even when the world becomes a blur. So much wonder is ahead Time to change - Time to learn. We can make our own future And the future is bright.
I know you may not like it but it has begun.
The music in my bloodIt is a drum that keeps on beating
I once read "A butterfly cannot see the beauty of its wings," and it really got me thinking. Is there really someone out there who finds me worth seeing? Am I more than just a thorn
We got the radio turned up,  real loud. And when you look at me,  I can tell you want to rock to the beat,  In the car with the windows down. All I wanna do is sit,  and listen to the sound.
Red roses, Blue skies, looking at the sun, hiding behind that line. Late nights, early mornings, all apart of life, studying to win that prize All A's, No B's Trying to make them smile
My captain, Where art thou? The plank thee walk so freely Down that narrow path, overboard. Thine eyes they must deceive me.
Golden fur soft as fleece Asleep is the only time she's ever at peace Tail as fluffy as a plume You can hear it any time you enter the room Two warm brown eyes, four furry paws Loving like it's a law
I told you about my soul today and  I thought it was very funny because if you replace one Letter to becomes soil and I think that's wonderful.   What's wonderful? You ask. Well the idea
Alarm clock blaring, both eyes open slowFigure it must be the fourth or fifth goFix messy bed head, scarf down instant mealStumble into tiny automobileDash down highway, down backstreet as well
At first it was all a peice of cake, then i realized i was insane. Most of the time i just want to give up. When did life get so tough? I started to belive I couldn't do it,
The tree grows, and then the tree dies The wind blows, to the people's cries We are a tree of life, both you and I We grow to live, if even just to try   I love each branch as if each my own
The story of life goes like this.. When you're young , life is so exciting and full of wonder As you're in the backseat of your parent's car you wonder why the sky is blue
A white sheet and lead is only the beginning
  it’s the final year the year that opens doors doors that have never been unlocked before the past is the past but what happened in the past now outlines the future   it’ll soon be the future
Finding the good in everything, has always been my talent. 
Winter is a slippery time for walking My clunky boots skate along the ice The temperature is chillingly shocking On this adventure, I’ve only fallen twice   Spring blooms of bright scented flowers
Baby, you make me smile. You make me want to run a mile. Maybe even let my responisibilities pile. Baby, I wanna stick around for awhile. Just for you, I will exile all those who try to be hostile.
Baby can you take me there. I want to know. Baby can you take me there. I want to go. Empty promises. I've heard of those. I'm guessing you don't know Love is more than just words.
My soul is dark, And the light that glows within is dim, Try to see inside, And struggles you will find,  my naked soul,
These words cant even express my love for you they can only entertain ones mind We had many things in common but was not common was our time.  when i heard that you were gone  i couldnt help but to cry.
Oh how I yearn for the full moon and foggy mornings.Waking up to the wind-blown smell of chimeny fires.Pumpkins here, over there, and everywhere!
I want to talk to you so much that your words turn into chocolate,  Sweet as they cascade off your tongue.
Sometimes, the hardest thing to find in this world is yourself. Who are you  when you have everything is as important as who you are when you have nothing
We all attempt to know ourselves. As people, we are born and the process begins. Exploration of body and mind, Blinking eyes and wiggling fingers and toes, We search for answers.
I sing a song, a song i sing, sitting on a tire swing   Loving, living, breathing air summer breeze blows in my hair The birds disburse as notes fly away
The sun shines golden every day, It lights up my world, it brightens my day, It makes my fears, my worries melt away, It tells me to smile, to hope, to pray.   It makes me want to fly soo high,
I celebrate myself, and sing myself, as you are one of many, I am one of none, I stop to admire, as you already crossed the finish line.
Today I saw a homeless man, so I decided to buy him lunch. He said with tears in his eyes that he had not eaten in days and said thank you so much.
An angel stands but is too small to fly. It means a lot to me and this is why. It was my aunts before she passed away.
Sometimes happiness isn’t New York City. Maybe happiness is potato soup and turkey sandwiches.
We all know school is a drag sometimes, I mean come on who doesn't think that. I know i do. When school was starting, i was dreading it. But now that it's my senior year i am excited.
Seeing the world is what makes me happy; how it moves, how it works, and how it thinks. Not wanting to resign into despair,the desire to learn and love is what uplifts me.
School is in  Grab your books and backpack Begin the day  And count down the hours Until Friday shows it's colors   My day starts rough But my day doesn't really start Until the end
School Monday through Friday Work Friday through Monday Chores at home seven days a weeks Never a day off, never a day away Senior year the best year ever?  Oh the lies!!!!  
I put him up in the sky
Summer has said its goodbye long ago. Students rushing to get their school supplies.
What makes you happy?    A question we all ask ourselves.    A lot makes me happy.   
How to be demonstrative of positive? I suggest gladness is an evocative, And through a consequence of the causative; a presence of your highest prerogative.   It’s rare to find care in a world of unfair.
  Life employs a different meaning to each individual Is this awakened state of being existence? Or rather the opposite… Are we really living in an illusion, fooled by the conscious mind?
To be able to go into multiple worlds To be able to travel in a matter of seconds To be able to be a demigod in a second To be able to be a witch in a minute   Reading elevates my day
Without a smile for a while,I do a spin for a grin,And then a kick and trick,With a twist of my wrist,I sweat with every octet,I yearn for a turn,
What can I do but be happy?
The heart pumps hard. With veins that run with the “rains” of tears. Like K-Dot, they hope to hear a shout out from heaven These demons trap them, so loud they drown in the blood of Jesus.
You have made a difference, taught a class, took a chance. You’ve made a difference, impacted a life, and made my inner-child smile. Taught a lesson, you have been such a blessing.
I choose to live my life for this very moment for this moment may not come tomorrow.
Without you who may I be? Without your melody and tone, Who will I call my own. I listen to you daily, I pray and hope I am your leading lady.   When the beat drop
When you ask “How was camp this year?” my mind freezes. 
Senior year is finally here! Wow, time just flew right by. I have decided that this year I am gonna branch out and talk to new people. I still am loyal to my other friends of course!
With a great, burning passion I fly high into the sky Far above the clouds Heading towards the stars Following the wind without question Knowing up here I'm safe And am blessed with new freedom
There used to be a girl, who wasn't very outspoken She hid behind others opinions, because she was broken Following the crowd and blending in seemed ideal back then Realizing that, that was toxic, she decided, never again
The world is spinning, my mind is blowing Hands to the ears, screaming The open sea sweeping away Breathing ceasing, limpness follow A splash of wave awaken me The cool breeze drift along
Is it not the smell that reminds me of Fall? Why, of course, but its not only that, its the nuerons in my brain that remind me of something new. What is it?
This is a poem about how I accepted band,
Music is the way I start off my day Music compels me to achieve more Music helps my day from becoming grey
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