The Audience and Me


The feet tap by the millisecond.

The ears ignite into flames.

The hands drown in sweat.

And the heart turns to a speeding hare.

...Next up is...

My body itches in its seat.

Soon, I'd be up on stage

With the audience watching me

Doing what I love.

Kazon Robinson.

This was it.

This is what I had to do

And I wasn't going back

Because this poem was the poem for me!

The audience watches.

The sweat dries up.

The fear disappears.   

And it comes to two things:

Me and the poem!

The lights beat down on me.

Then my heart soars.

My lungs burst open

My body shivers

And bliss overcomes all

 Then comes the applause.

Because that's what uplifts me.

Poetry uplifts me!

And you should do

What uplifts you.







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