It’s so early that

when I peek out the window,

I see a black curtain in the sky

and behind it I bet are the stage crew in a mad rush, preparing,

before they can open the curtain and reveal the show-

today featuring an opener of a gold and orange sunset,

then blue skies with fluffy clouds, and maybe later a plot twist of thunderstorms around noon.


despite this

my alarm clock still rattles

and the music still blast.

It explodes into my dreams

polluting my daze with thick smog that smells like ..


So I wipe the explosion debris from the corners of my eyes and

tug myself out of bed.

and wonder


Why do I do this to myself?


But then I arrive at the pool

and see my sleepy team,

some  have forgotten to wipe away the explosion debris from the corners of their eyes,

so I brush off for them, and ask them if they are okay.

For I know they would do the same for me.

And together as one we step off the plank

into the cold chlorinated water.

When I immerse myself

I am greeted by that water that embraces me and

hugs my every curve, fitting me just perfect,

it fills in every space of me, like between my toes and under my armpits

it fills in all the spaces where I feel like

I am not enough.

My first couple of strokes, the water is agreeable and smooth

and I feel as though this is the only place where I can truly breathe.

But as the workout gets more strenuous, the water is less smooth

and disagreeable.

Yet as I turn my head to take a breath,

I see out the large windows that the show has just begun, and that I have a front row seat.

The gold and orange opener is so spectacular that

my heart pulses loudly as an offer of applause.


Rewarded I feel,

to receive this free admit ticket every day,


Uplifted I feel,

by the fulfillment of this sport

and the teamates who would gladly bear my burdens if ever I asked.


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