Future Thoughts, Both Theirs and Mine


When looking into the future, I don’t like what I see

College strife within a year

The struggle to find a job drawing near

The fight to support myself and my dreams is what glares back at me


And though these problems are real, ones that I cannot allay

There are some things that will shift

Oppressive clouds that soon will lift

To the shining sun of a brighter future, these things will give way


I won’t have to hide myself, in fear of disapproval

Showing my love without strange hate

No facing a gender binary gate

And those who express these things will not be subject to removal


People will be educated, at least to some extent

No “Agender? That doesn’t exist.”

“Asexual? You’ve never been kissed?”

And I’ll be able to explain myself without an argument


Of course I know, most of my problems won’t just disappear

But I can still smile

Knowing that, in just awhile

At least I’ll be able to be myself without a hint of fear



I love this.

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