I Fly The Tin Bird

What beauty and sights, hardly;

Double-paned scratches obstruct the skies.

A wing sees the world, only it

Drop below the horizon, and above, becoming blind.


Smoky wrinkles age an engine

Hung from dull, tired wings.

Wings that flap; they flap, and flap, ceaselessly beating;

Each pulse like a heartbeat, I move with them.


A passenger only am I, but my eyes crave captaincy.

Just to the front, it should be easy;

White pillows assure me, We'll catch you if you fall! 


Joined now with the helm, in my faculty only stars;

All element as one, and the heavens only just ahead.

Golden cities behind, left to explore baron creation;

And God and I, face to face, it is finished - I am home.


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