When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

Dark eyes and a brown face staring at me.

A painted on grin, hiding years of pain

Desperately looking for a way to break the chains.

Beaten down daily by an unforgiving society,

I walk through this life seeking variety.

Who am I, and what will I be?

When is it my turn to truly be free?

I look into this society and I all I see is white.

Who are they to snatch away my rights?

I am invisible to them, they never see me

They haven’t realized that it’s me, I’m the key.

Freedom has to start from within,

Which won’t be easy considering where I’ve been.

So who am I do you ask?

I am the one who will finish the task.

Invisibility will reign over me no more,

I am the one who will break down society’s door.

The only person I can be is myself,

So I am taking invisibility and placing it on a shelf.



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