School is in 

Grab your books and backpack

Begin the day 

And count down the hours

Until Friday shows it's colors


My day starts rough

But my day doesn't really start

Until the end

The last school period

Where my opera begins


The last period is choir for me

Others may not be so lucky

Some take Chemistry

Some Algebra

But I'm in the arts


I am a choral student

Studying the ways of the music major

I sing showtunes

I sing pop

I even sing in other languages


But that isn't where my love lies

I am in the arts



I sing opera

This is where I find my joy

I love the feel of the notes beneath me

Lifting me up 

Higher and higher until I can touch the clouds 

Above me


I can feel my soul burning

My throat is tired and worn 

But this is what pushes me

This is where my love lies


My hands are clasped

My feet are spaced

My shoulders squared

And I sing.


So even though school is in

Days are rough

Exams are tough

But I am free



This is where my love lies.


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