Black Crow Roar Me Your Song


Black Crow Roar Me Your Song

Should I fly? Should i soar?

This bird stays caged no more

Like a phoenix, a fire lays dormant inside

Notes running frantically, jumbled up in my mind

Be a man be strong, tough to the core

This bird no longer tweets, I’m ready to roar

The songs yearn, anxious to fly free off my tongue

To venture pass the sky, maybe past the sun

Am I ready to show them, the passion of my heart?

What song should I sing? Just where should I start?

As long as I’m myself, and I let them all see

The truth in my eyes, that explains the real me

This just might work; give it all that I have

But wait there’s an issue, the reason im sad

I don’t fit the image, the status quo

But my body is here, with nowhere to go

If I lose the weight, will it change anything?

Why must I transform in order to sing?

You know what; forget them and what they all say

All that matters is my happiness at the end of the day

Like a crow, I’m an outcast but I still survive

When I sing I finally know, what it means to be alive

I’ve decided, it’s my life, I say what’s right and what’s wrong

It’s time for your close up, Black crow roar me your song


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