The Story of Life


The story of life goes like this..

When you're young , life is so exciting and full of wonder

As you're in the backseat of your parent's car you wonder why the sky is blue

You wonder why the trees are green and why they have different colored leaves

Your love for animals make you want to become a vet so that all the animals can be saved

You realize that you love the color pink and decide that you're a princess and that everything has to be your way

As you grow up you get your first best friend and feel as though you two are inseparable

You plan to always be close , plan to alwaysstay together and never let that change

Until that bestfriend moves away and you have to start all over again

Then comes the start of middle school

You're very talkative and outgoing , so making friends isn't an issue

The issue is that even though you're only 14 , you feel as though the world hates you

You feel alone in the crowd and you seem to be gaining weight by the second

So now you feel bigger in the crowd as you watch all of your friends begin to blossom

And you feel as though you're not changing at all, only becoming weirder and bigger

And to top it all off your favorite aunt has breast cancer and its getting worse

Everyone knows it's close to the end

And as you grow older and realize you're losing a piece of your heart, you call to God

And on the last day of middle school , God takes your aunt away

Your world is spiraling out of control but yet you wear this smile on your face

The smile on your face that hides everything

So high school starts, and you flunk out of biology

You begin to lose hope in your life and yourself

And suddenly your days start getting better

You realize that God does love you

Smiling becomes an everyday thing for you instead of crying

You then begin to apply yourself and plan for a better future

Your heart now understands what it's like to feel joy

Now you look in the mirror and say " I am beautiful"

You're invincible , ready to take on the world

So now, here you are, 17,  about to graduate , and now you ask yourself

What now?



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