agony hurt pain sadness sorrow

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Beep,Beep,Beep The monitor shows Your heart beating slow Seeing you in agony Makes me realize That sooner or later You will go Watching you breathe fast and slow
Baby, do you hear the breaking? Can you hear the walls being rebuilt? What's a love worth when dropped and scattered across pavement? What value does it hold if not all working parts can be mended?
I once spoke to a man with the same complexion, Whose suffered from the vast cruelty of rejection. ••••••••
The walls are caving in Gravity pulls me away It takes me to the ground I hit as I land, I am skin as it heals Hard to descry a gals wail She embarks on the waves Wave after wave pulling against the stream
Refilling acts supposedly inadequateThe prodigies profiling a bombarded shard of hopeDismembering a supposed schemeWhere the benign sink into webs befitting a casket
I see as time grows nearYou never were my loveYou could never be here We fill the air with gay soundsWe feast until the mornings sunAnd here is where we are bound
Where would an emotionalist and a sentimentalist turn to if not to poetry? How would a kick here and a punch there heal if not for poetry?
Have you a heart so heavy you feel as though it will fall out of your chest? Escape the prison that is your rib cage and tear through your organs until there is nothing left. I do.I have a heart heavy with grief.I'm grieving. What for?For him.For
Late night thoughts music pumpin through  my veins The only chemical that'll make it to my brain And though things are different, these nights will stay the same
Today I woke up Thoughts pass through my head thinking thoughts I had been thinking of being dead I am not dead, I am alive But this does not settle a broken mind
Haunted houses, haunted memories, sad souls  
Her pouring tears do not interest me.   But the hair that drips down her bare back   till it brushes against the black line   drawn at her waist– intoxicating.  
Wanted to get lost in your arms, intead I got lost in my sadness       a.b.c.    
Help me, I'm terrified.I want to lose control but I know who I am.Help me, I'm terrified.I want to run, but my feet won't move.
Just don't go.   I know you thought leaving was the only way but I miss you every day. I won't say you were wrong; I know the pain of this world can make every day too long
What happens when all you love is taken away When all that's left is yesterday There's no tommorrow I can't explain the pain I feel It eats away all that's left of me Depression I wish was just a bad dream
Ice on the Mountian tops Fish in the river A brook babbles of lost tragidies Days a gone Years all wasted Her song is sad and garbled Tragidy surrounds her Long does she drone on
To love is to leave huh? To pat the soul with lukewarm assurance of a love that half ass stays. To give your all is to give a quarter right?
Looking out into the corner, On this warm day, I caught a glimpse of a sparkle. A sparkle in this stranger’s eye. Then a dominant dimple Upon his right cheek. He acquired my glance and made a smirk.
I need bathe myself in the haunting echo of her presence. Let it be only I that stand beside her, shadowed by her illuminating spirit. Allow me to feast from the grounds which she hath passed.
When we first split I was torn apart
Concocted some bonny memories fourteenth birthday o'thine.
She has a jealous spirit that kind that is so g
What kind of inhumane fellow i do not know: But bunch of rebel clothes with guns and armors with all their faces covers in cloth mask; except the arbitrariness of the king of the rebels:
“It is with deep regret that I write to inform you that the Admissions Committee is not able to offer you admission to our college”  
What do you do when the world is against you? Why should you go on? There's no point if everyone's turned on you and you can't seem to get anything right. You see When shit goes wrong,
Based off of Breaking Benjamin's song by the same title  I know you won't let go of me
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