Cries from a Lonely Cell (set me free)


United States
35° 45' 8.784" N, 79° 10' 38.7372" W

I need bathe myself in the haunting echo of her presence. Let it be only I that stand beside her, shadowed by her illuminating spirit. Allow me to feast from the grounds which she hath passed.
I will drain her entrails and sew her wounds to keep her body, which had been rendered lifeless, intact. Savoring the moments until my love returns. My cries for help, they are answered with laughs. I have fallen from her grace and she from this world. I lie awake yearning for the day of her return. The day that which heaven meet hell I will again meet her.

Torturous burden though it may be, I wait. Collapsing heart, and compromising sleep until I am set free. I weep for the temptress to punish me once more. Her agonizing stares, and warm wet lips pressing into me and against my own. I am not free until the veil be lifted from eyes. It will happen just give it time.

Captive audiences will scream at the amazements to be seen. A new light will shine to free their fogged and hazing minds. My opportunity to walk then run will come. My patience can’t be overstated, you have no idea how long I have waited. Drown me in the flood waters, cast me into the shadows of the dark. Just always save a place for me somewhere in your heart.

Let me weep, but don’t let me weep alone. Be my support when I’m lost and on my own. Pick me up when I’m hanging by my throat on the threads of an endless rope. Don’t just leave me here to die as I choke. It’s a poison. It’s intoxicating. It wants me back to try it again. Is it any wonder my skeleton has gotten so thin? Look at the position I’m in.

I can’t breath, the air is getting so heavy. It’s a weight that is pushing me down, sinking me further and further into the ground. My head is bowed, because I’m ashamed, I’m humbled to my core, and it still doesn’t matter, because every fiber in my being only wants it more. How does this keep happening? Just slap it out of me. How do I set myself free? Somebody answer me. Throw a bag over my head. Throw me off a cliff, so I’m dead, but I just keep waking up screaming in my bed. Pull the chord, pull the plug. Fill the tub to the top and watch the toaster as it drops. Pop, pop, pop as my body gets shocked. I wake up from my nap to find that no time has passed.  Set me free set me free.

Set me free set me free. She has no love for me. She refuses to even answer me. It’s just an echo of my voice. I have no choice, but it was my decision that left me here in this position. Bury me in dirt and cover it with grass. I ask for one kiss, as I know it will be my last, until the time for us to see each other again has passed.

I wasn’t ready to never see her again, but apparently that’s the position I’m in. She tortures my soul and relieves me of my pain. Chills me to the bone and calms my clouded brain. Chains me to the floor alone and leaves me until I am breathless.

I’m gutless, I’m worthless. I fail at what I do best. Low down womanizer, and that is why I have been denied her. This feeling is strangulating and emasculating. Now, it feels like I’m suffocating. I hear a 1,000 screams, and yet none are my own. I awake in my bed to find that I’m here all alone. Sometimes I think I’m in my bed, safe at home, only to be awoken by the sounds of agonizing groans.


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