#Bring Back Our Girls (Il)

What kind of inhumane fellow
i do not know:
But bunch of rebel
clothes with guns and armors
with all their faces covers in cloth mask;
except the arbitrariness
of the king of the rebels:
in his audacity of facial revelation_
he, the mouthpiece of the rebels,
blabbering hell in heaven.

What senseless pursue
i do not know:
But of the rebels, waging war
against what has always been,
and what is meant to be_
War against knowledge,
is war against wisdom;
If one fight wisdom,
is one then wise?

What kind of act of cruelty
i do not know:
But of the abduction
of innocent Girl-Children;
and of thousand that died
from gunshots and bomb blast.

What kind of breach of law
i do not know:
But of men committing treason,
and infringing on the rights of Girl-Children.

What kind languishing in sadness
i do not know:
But of mothers and fathers gnashing of teeth
and of baskets full of their tears.
Grieving: for their actions
of sending their Girl-Children
to see the light of education_
Action done in good faith.
Hoping to see their Girl-Children again,
as they hope in fate.

What kind of protestation
i do not know:
But a peaceful protest of activists
and concerned citizens_
Shouting 'Bring Back Our Girls'
And of placards exhibits by all
around the world_
'Bring Back Our Girls'

What kind of nemesis
I do not know:
But of the doom day of perpetrators
that is imminent
And wrath of God
that is imminent
on those that vows that the world
will not no peace.

What kind solution
i do not know:
But of conquest and rescue
of victims,
or of dialogue and negotiation
whatever it takes

Bring Back Our Girls!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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