Abused By Obliteration

To love is to leave huh? To pat the soul with lukewarm assurance of a love that half ass stays. To give your all is to give a quarter right? Well, keep the change cause I'm in no shape, no mood to purchase the product of a love that isn't lasting. There's no money back guarantee, no lifetime warranty for a love that comes halfway close to real. Just wear and tear in the seams I held tightly together, but ended up with burns to my palms. Chaffed and red cause I held on......all cause you said you'd stay. Bruised ego beaten lifeless, cold and breathless......all cause your promise seeped from lips thickly glossed in an untruthful shade even I couldn't see, unclear to my vision. I envisioned you'd never stray, but remain loyal like dogs to their masters. Too bad I could finally smell the truth from inches, miles, yards away. Emotions bottled, fizzling, popping in frustration. Ready to erupt in misery, to fill the air with a spritz of "I no longer give a damn!" To let the mist of my tears touch those streetlights, to take flight in sight of forseen plight. In fact, I might leave like you. Walk this cobblestone pavement, soak my trench coat in tears. You murdered my trust, left to rot in red and thickened treachery. You must be proud. But wait until it is your turn to need the warmth I would've covered you in. My blanket was waiting to comfort, save, hold you. No longer will I wait, nor anticipate your intentions, cause mine are for those who give and receive. Every breath I breath will fill my lungs with fresh belief that others are grateful, real and true to who they are. So save your eulogies for the deceased, for I still live, I strive to be better than yesterday, to greet the sun in all glorious goodness it shines. I hug the stars and moon alone in my room, thankful they light my life with radiant vibrations only I can feel flowing, coursing through each layer of skin, right down to my core. I can see it right there, my core, it aches, it cracks, it bleeds. Throbbing in wonder of why I give and give, but not a single ounce of what I put out comes back to let me know, I too, deserve the same love given to you. But God Almighty, Almighty father in my life, he gives me love, gives me courage. Will to move forth. To place one foot in front of the other, to step on stone, not become one's stepping stone. I will not become stairs. I won't elevate you to a place that takes you away from me. Instead I'll pack this luggage, cause I got my own baggage to carry. Got enough weight to lift, to free myself of. So pack your luggage, carry what you must. Do you feel that weight? Feel that heavy burden? Does it pull you to the ground like anchors pulling ships? Well now you know, now you feel just like me.

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