The monitor shows

Your heart beating slow

Seeing you in agony

Makes me realize

That sooner or later

You will go

Watching you breathe fast and slow

Losing your breath each times it flows

Remembering the good times

As the bad ones go by

Realizing how much i'll miss you

That it makes me want to cry

Seeing grandma by your side

Makes me realize

How strong your love is combined

Now as we watch you go by

With all the tears that we let flow

We realize that you are the one that we love

And our love for you will never die

Because even though your gone

You will always be here in our hearts

And always by our sides

I don't think of you as gone

Your always with me still

The thoughts of you I'll always keep

And I always will....

I love you Grandpa



This poem is about: 
My family


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