My Stranger

Looking out into the corner,

On this warm day,

I caught a glimpse of a sparkle.

A sparkle in this stranger’s eye.

Then a dominant dimple

Upon his right cheek.

He acquired my glance and made a smirk.

He made his way to me

And my face flushed red.

We greeted a faint hello,

But that was all that had to be said.

We then met every day to talk.

He would laugh, and so would I.

When I had to start wearing sweaters,

He would come late,

Always apologizing, but he did not need to.

When we started to see each other’s breathe,

He would not show up.

Maybe an occasional message once a week.

Then as the ground became white.

It went silent,

Just a vociferous silence.

I saw him at school with his friends.

But he was unknown to me again,

Just the stranger with the sparkle in his eyes.  


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