Life's Expenses

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 21:45 -- kemi09

What do you do when the world is against you?
Why should you go on?
There's no point if everyone's turned on you
and you can't seem to get anything right.
You see
When shit goes wrong,
Everything goes wrong.
It's like a Domino effect or a, a chain reaction if you will.
You try to fix one thing and you end up making it 10x worse.
And while you're fixing that one thing,
you forget to lock the door or you say something that upsets all your friends or you forget to put the toaster away or your parents take a joke way too seriously
Petty shit.
Petty shit that gets to you more than it should because every little thing is going in a downward spiral.
Petty shit that becomes a nuisance when you're tryna focus on...well big shit.
Funny right?
And then you try to alienate yourself because you can't afford to hurt anyone else
You can't afford to turn anyone else against you
You can't afford to have anyone else hate you.
But it only gets worse.
Now you're having nervous breakdowns and anxiety attacks
Passing out at home, blanking out, breaking out into cold sweats, nauseous all the time, crying and crying, trying and trying to get back on the right track.
Be a better person.
Fix all that petty shit.
But how can you do that when every fucking force is against you?
Yeah, that's where I'm at right now.

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