I once spoke to a man with the same complexion,
Whose suffered from the vast cruelty of rejection.


Self propelled from deep within,
But not attached to them,
And the antibiotics became his equilibrium,
His eyes and his face showed a distant emotion,
Petrified when he saw his addicted existence,
Felt pressure and a confidence,
That broke into this tiny little fragments.
And his life were a subliminal interference.


He felt healed due to this antibiotics.


As though he startled,
It all seemed bottled,
Addicted to the vague use of antibiotics,
Fighting the temptation of his own mental politics,

Then he told me when he stare into that mirror he's disgusted,
All he saw was the reflection of that reliever,
An emancipation of his own existence as if he were excluded,
Never went to university but still he's a survivor.


But the things we own shall own us.


Struggle hard to just confide,
In finding the passion once again to follow his dream,
At times it leaves him with no choice but the conclusion to scream,
And hide,
But the fear may lead you back to your dream,
Through that allows you with the courage to abide,
And you'll witness a future as beautiful as the ocean and wide,
a feeling more unique than taking opium.

He told me that this antibiotics were a key to this world that society never reaches,
Before you notice,
That someday your addiction is the only thing in your life that actually teaches,
It takes a lot of ambition just to venture on this mission,
It takes passion and commitment,
But without antibiotics he was left only with disappointment,
And had to stare into the eyes of his broken vision.

The thought left him upset,
Living the present with regret.
Awaiting the future not knowing yet,
Whether he'd be able to forget.
Actions of other people seemed to
make him more aggressive,
Especially when he knew he was so educationally active,
And the antibiotics made him resistant to the negativity,
But it was frustrating to think that he never reached university.

All he had was this antibiotics which became his refuge and energy,
It defined his pain and agony.

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Our world


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