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Sometimes I just wanna be heard Sometimes I wanna speak without words
Sometimes I just wanna be heard Sometimes I wanna speak without words
Sometimes I just wanna be heard Sometimes I wanna speak without words
i've noticed the change i know you have too the calls that are full of small talk or that end after "what are you  doing? i'll call you later" we used to talk for hours
Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like if I was white I believe my life would completely change if I was white I wouldn’t be closely watched as I walk through a store, if I was white
Who am I now, Who was I then. I was as quiet as a cats 'meow', But now I just use my pen.   I know more about me, I think you do too. When I write I can see Truly you are untrue  
Do you know that moment Where your life seems To be spent On stupid stuff like dreams? Lies and betrayal all about The earth as it spins Its enough to make you shout Because you can't win
The day I met you, I didnt see you Look your way or notice you, But you noticed me, Corny jokes so funny to ne, But that was the day lust hooked to me, I thought you were perfect just like my dream.
you were nothing more than lust
I have a poem that one day We can stand side by side Marching forward to the lands of the future That we lift up spirits instead of breaking them
Im addicted to Truth.......
I promise to always give you me...the real me. I Hope yu See that I'm Different, & that you don't See me as a Bad Investment.  Boys will break your heart but  A man will pick up the pieces.
As i walk down this long hall way
It's the feeling of loneliness, all it is.
her beautiful eyes can make you forget your troubles
The last rays of Day slowly vanish As I lay on the dirt
It is with an overabudance that I flow, into your being. Soft smiles, an softer hands, catch up all m wonder at you and collect under that wisome chin to pool in the space betwe the smooth skn of you collaring bones.
I am a shirt torn and worn out like taking a pile of gold and throwing it on the ground. What's the use of reaching down don't give yourslf a hard time it will fall-your crown
Hold me close, my love. Dry my tears with your fingertips as they trail down my cheeks. Kiss me with your soft and gentle lips, as the warmth of sunset carreses our faces.
  Window to the Past    Split, Splat, Pitter, Pat Behind the window, I see the rain, I am distant, I feel no pain. Its better this way, I’m made of stone
Why? why did he leave me? I ask this question almost everyday He broke up with me without even saying it was over He just stopped calling and didn't want to talk
I Hold In My Hands A Life Worth LIving And A Tale Worth Sharing Yet As I Look Around I See Many People Taking It For Granted
He tells me he can’t hear me when I say 
It is hard to accept failure a lack of success omission of performance a massive regress
My life has been filled with the hushed sound of the ocean
Maybe I messed up a long time ago Maybe I shouldn't have just went with the flowBecause when I did, I still held on to pain.No matter how hard I try to ignore it, it kept coming like rain.
Born in coffin gotta build my life up, Soul ingrates in a tumb stone  night love, jabbs to a soldier face on a war ground fight club,had a mooky moment gave em light love,
Kiss me Set me on fire Kill me Will my deepest desires Thirst me Drink me up and leave me dry Curse me Lead me on with every lie Want me Love making me want you more
like the ocean waves flowing crashing like the summer sun shinning burning no, it's stronger growing destroying I feel it in my heart pulsing breaking
A guy so powerful he threw me off the grid. My world stood still. I was left in shock. Who knew that he was so powerful? Someone who wasn't even mine.  
I think that If I were a bird I would be an eagle Flying high True meaning of Freedom   I think that If you looked up And squinted your eyes Against the sun’s glare
Who am I? And what do I stand for? A million different things I can’t bear to name My life is such a silly fucking game My peers thirst for fame I’m not the same I see
There is Something here Unseen.   It caresses us With small Painted Pained Hands.   It looks at us With dark Deep Beating Eyes.  
It began with a kiss of lovegraduated to nine months ofmixed feelings which endedin hours of horrible pains andregrets.In the sight of your babe came a
I may not be her first her last or her only.she may adore again however she cherishes me now and thats what matters. She may not be immaculate however not, one or the other am I will clutch her and  provide for her the most that I can.
Just as the morning dew Shakes me awake I feel my heart skip a beat Ache, shake, break My heart is broke No more left to give My mind is broken What's left to live
I stop to wonder,
What happens when you fall from grace does the person that was inside you disappear with out a trace.......What happens when you betray a friend do you really expect  the relation ship to ever be the same again........If seperated by time and mile
In the ninth grade my friends who I use to sit with at lunch many of which went to the same Sunday services as I handed me a note as I went to sit down with them holding my lunch tray uneasily in my hands
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