The day I met you, I didnt see you
Look your way or notice you,
But you noticed me,
Corny jokes so funny to ne,
But that was the day lust hooked to me,
I thought you were perfect just like my dream.
Smile and style just made me wild,
But that only last-ted for a while,
Within 3 days I damn near drowned,
In my feelings being silly for now,
Committed to lust, how it could be,
You had your way, what more to see,
I was just blind but you helped me,
See toxic waste not good for me,
How nieve when shit got steep,
As time went on dissapointment creeped,
Waiting for a ring or my phone to beep,
Scary feeling you gave to me,
Not wanting to believe the possibility,
(We can be friends is what you said to me)
And my heart dropped and it skipped a beat,
Now my hopes and dreams are finally free,
From a man that seen no trust in me, How deep?
Now its just Fuck Me, How can i compete?
Should i move on or cry myself to sleep,
So i move on and get to see there are good men,
Not Lusting me.


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