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The time came when we no longer smiled as we once did at Table 26.   Nor as we laughed when pouring rain pounced on our walk  so we melted a kiss against a tree.   
I don't even wanna live anymore Please God  Make somebody blast my fuckin brains out  I wanna jump  Jump and fly down 40 feet  And splat right down on the concrete  I'm a fuckin failure 
*BELIEVING* _Stick unto God and believe in yourself. *It'd be bright after the dark.* There most be a black *time dark starry night before an open heaven* of a brighter sunny day._
SUCCESS "Success is the outcome of every struggles and the evidence of all agonies." #c9_fm
MONEY "Money is toxic it drives the fool, but the sage maintain his lot." #c9_fm
What good is power ⛮ if it holds back progress? What good is law ⚖ if it oppresses citizens? What good is human of no compassion and sympathy? What good is authority if it says
There are words, I wish to pluck them from this fray. And hand them to you, In ordered memoirs, Ink, spread thin upon this page.   
Savior of oppressed people, Maintainer of tranquility and peace; A country’s epitome of power, Justice, justice, justice!  
I had a dream last night,A dream of bliss and peace,Where life was at ease,Where a streak of light steered clear the dark,Where faces had a spark.I tried hard to figure out a face,But failed always.Serene and tempting was the view,It made me feel
At 6 I never had a friend So when someone came up to me and said “Bare your soul and I'll give you the lint from my pocket,” I told her, “You can pay me by being a friend.”
What’s inside me, you don’t want to see. An endless whirlpool of pain and suffering.I hide it away, for no one to see. But at night, it shows, drowning me in misery.A heart ache to heartbreak.
You were once the man that made my smile grow wide,But now you're the man that makes my smile die.Every time I see you, my heart decides to break.Every time I remember you, my organs inside me ache.I'll never forget those really good times, when w
I wish there was some beautiful poetic way of explaining how i feel. I wish i could paint my words into a picture. But i cannot. Because i do not know how to make the feeling of absolute worthlessness,
Oh, how I miss you, You and your horrible ways, Oh, how good you feel.
I keep telling myself that it's all going to be okay, I keep saying  it's going to get better with each day. But its all a lie. How can I move on when I caused you to die?
its been so long and im still not over it we were closer to each other than i ever thought i could get to someone it breaks my heart when i see things that remind me of you but thats everything  everywhere
Someday the distance between us will be gone.
For you;
Fire is my force I am in beautiful Anguish Darling, my whole heart loves you   Garden flowers die But not those who lie sacred
contention that cannot vindicate fractured expression to tell fancy tries one thousand days from you could not abate flowing loving water behind my eyes   no one rewards silent screams not even death
You feel like your alone in a cruel place, wanting to leave you'll do whatever it takes, but at the end of the day, you know it's inevitable, that your basically alone in this world; invisib
Every touch, every caress A searing pleasure shoots below my breast Temperature rises about 3 degrees Unleashing a lioness, I'm finally free Down the hatchet, electricity flowed
May 15th Nothing can change my love for you. Everything just happened so fast. I wonder, what if I knew, before you became our past just who you were?
What if on a night we have a dream Not the ones of make believe We capture nothing on this night Our darkness submerged in our night What if we could not make a sound We find it true we met the ground 
It's time to drown my sorrows In the deep To let it all go
A single seashell on the beach Waves overwhelm its speech A single tile to the mosaic of the shore Listening to the ocean roar   The waves beat against the coast
Can't Knives Glass Needle  
Death, the end to all beginnings and the beginning of some unknown extent. Death, the answer to all problems that arise out of life as they never seem to end.
The condensation of expelled expressed emotion swirling my window pane. Making the portal to another dimension shift ajar, to one which is much more comfortable.
Why must the pain live on? Why must suffering prolong? Why not love And be loved? Why do I close that curtain to my soul? “Don’t show them who you are. Don’t let that side break through.”
we all have that face you know, the one we hide from the ones we love. but who saves us from seeing it in the mirror? who saves us from seeing that face when we close our eyes?
You go through my closet. I have many, paper maches, mask, faces, or soft veils.
I used to sit alone in bed and cry. As tears streamed down my face I wondered when I'd find my place.  I'd think to myself "why do I even try?". Days and nights passed and it was all the same. 
In a dream I was surrounded by darkness It was a cold vast emptiness The creeping feeling of things at my feet In this void emptiness consuming me I felt the pain in my legs a numbing and painful bleeding
Distant drums are beating.   War is on her way.   I once wished for peace, once prayed to the almighty Lord for a sort of sanity in mad times.  
The agony inside me burns like a fire, the teardrops, they fall down like rain all of the questions, they pry like a pliers
Back then everything was so vivid, I could remenber her face even though she had left. The image was so clear, its almost as if she stayed. But now, only 5 years have passed
I wish I never woke up.
No one understands my agony insideMe. Myself.No one will truly know e.
Take me back upon a hill, an imagery time of inconsequential deals, where love is blind, and hate is enforced, and all you can think of is substantial divorce. Oh the agony, the agony of time
There’s something in my eye, It just makes me want to cry, Something’s in this country, Make me wish I was blind.   Death wants to rule us, Despair wants end us, Evil wants to distract us,
Maybe I loved the way her fiery pink work gloves clashed with the polished wooden counter where blue delphiniums lay, wrapped in the splendor of last week's sports page. Or maybe it was the fleeting mosaic
This poem is an insight on the compromise of society's morals, and how we are rapidly discouraging the exploration of spirituality while encouraging materialism.   Plastic brains are statistic,
  Why do the days have to end?   The lights go out. The night begins.   The beauty of a summer's day Darkens after sunset.   They say the bird's songs are lovely all day
A mental breakdown is like a crack in the walls of the universe A quickly expanding hole That you didn't realize was there Until you felt the draft You felt the pain of the widening gap
You... A smile so delightful and sincere, Thump! Our bodies collide. Smell... So lavishing and clean in the air. Touch... Magnifying to my skin, goosebumps prickle. Love...
How come everything seems to be turning around but all I see is your pain in the crowd no peek of sunlight coming down feeling like a bee in the rain could you find my heart
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