Dream of Paa..

I had a dream last night,A dream of bliss and peace,Where life was at ease,Where a streak of light steered clear the dark,Where faces had a spark.I tried hard to figure out a face,But failed always.Serene and tempting was the view,It made me feel new.I was devoid of pain,The only thing I felt was completely plain.I was floating in the clouds,And dancing about.I took a step ahead to face a tunnel,Tears welled up at the sight of the channel.I saw 'Papa' standing at the other end,I was sure now I was in heaven. I wished to be in his hold,But that very moment, I received a jolt.My visions blurred,Before I could say a word, speech slurred,Blazing light filled in,Seems my dream was ending.Just before the tunnel vamoosed,I heard Papa say-"Go Back and Take care of Maa, my Angel"- was the pray.I stirred open my eyes,And saw Maa was all in cries.She said you were still as dead,My world just fade.I smiled at her and said-Don't worry Maa, I am here,Please no longer shed a tear.I am sent back by Paa to take care of you,O'Maa!Papa loves you!  

This poem is about: 
My family


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