Savior of oppressed people,

Maintainer of tranquility and peace;

A country’s epitome of power,

Justice, justice, justice!


In my country, justice has faded,

Hence, corruption has invaded;

And shattered everyone’s heart into a thousand pieces,

Which have become impossible to be repaired in centuries.


Nothing can be done to stop the rule of the cruel,

But to endure in silence the agony he inflicts on his people;

I cannot do anything to help my brothers and sisters,

Except for praying and crying for them in my chambers.


I wish I could be an army,

To defeat all the enemies of my country;

And to re-secure justice from the hands of the oppressors,

I wish nothing more than the unity of all of the loved ones.


My heart aches,

In seeing my people in persecution;

My conscientious wakes,

To cry and mourn for the victims of corruption.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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