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I Fall down onto my knees I look up into your eyes I can see you praying to the heavens Set a fire in my heart Don’t you know I want you
you left me with no goodbyes you left me with no final words will I see you again?   you left me to face this cruel world alone you left me alone to continue battling will I see you again?  
you left me with no goodbyes you left me with no final words will I see you again?   you left me to face this cruel world alone you left me alone to continue battling will I see you again?  
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone you’re gonna miss the way I loved you you’re gonna miss the way I let you hurt me you’re gonna miss what I let you get away with you’re gonna miss the way my hair shines in the sun
There's a darkness in my veins, I hadn't noticed before. as I stare at my hands, I feel so lost, unsure. I must have stared for hours, for when I did look up. I saw the dark before me.
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
“Almost” An adjective meaning very near or not quite. What a terrible word that holds a painful truth. I dread these six letters, as anyone would.
You left me so quickly. Am I useless? Do you not need me? The hole in my heart is growing, I'm turning hollow. Come back! I need you! Please!
"Please stay with me, daddy!" "Please don’t leave me!"   You were walking so fast. Too fast for my little feet to keep up.
It's 1:36 am And my mind is fixed On the memory Of how your body Latched itself onto mine And how your words Made their sweet way Into the thoughts That were once plagued
You left me, yes it hurts,  your the only one who really did love me? yes I'm still in love. you gave me your all, you choice the drugs. yet, your still in my thoughts.
A people so isolated in a culture of assimilation, A nation so apathetic to all of creation. When the eyes of the opressed weep beneath their boots, Crushed beneath a system of fascist roots.
You were my life and, my light. Then came that cold, dark night Now the only time i see your face is in the pictures of this old place Without you, i dont know what to do Why did this happen to you?
Friend you left me alone today. Heaven your mind will depart to. Body stays to decompose down. You are now part of Earth's soul.   Friend you left me days ago now.
Why is it so hard to realize when someone has perished, that she is gone?   I know that she is gone but it doesn't feel real. I can feel her all around me. In every room I feel her prescence,
"I am here for you. All you have to do is call me." Words from a frivolous liar. I called, but you've never picked up. I text, but you've never shown interest in my struggles. So, why did you say that? People can't be counted on. Unpredictable.
You are a disease Infesting the corners of my mind Rotting my perception of others Lingering in the darkest places
When time passes by  who will remeber? Remeber the pain, Rember the smiles and laughs, The friendships fromed and broken. Who will remember the fallen, The ones who fought, Who will rember the broke,
I felt it stir deep in my chest Ribbons of want, a knot in my breast A face, not a name ingrained in my brain Wicked green eyes changing the game Making it clear, I would never be the same
I just turned 18 And you don't seem to want me around So I went and bought a pack of ciggs downtown But all I can think is how ashamed you'd be right now   A stiff draw The air nibbles my ears
Your hands run through my hair Your piercing eyes searching mine For what, I do not know Nor do I know what you will find.   Maybe you see the way I adore you My thoughts always wandering back to you
Each time we are left we wish the other person the best 
He had haunting light brown eyes,
Every day is another war, Another soul lost Another closed door And at what cost?
How can you miss someone who was never physically there Never felt their touched or the texture of their hair Never held their hand or kissed their lips Yet they seem to be the only person you miss
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
I am a flower
He loved me once Everyday he told me so.  Anytime of the day it didn't matter. Right there beside me or There in the middle of the day. space between us grew bigger and bigger
" i just don't have the proper training to deal with your...condition...i hope you understand." i nod, because yes, i do understand. i understand that when you look at the scars on my thigh and ankle, you get chills
It is rare that a man Can come to terms with Surrender. It is in a unfair waisteland that a man can make sense of these thoughts that will hinder. Its uncomprehensible that
  No matter  I hate you 
Where is the you who wanted me so badly Where is the you who needed to have me What I'm trying to say, is that I'm tired of feeling this way  I've been thinking all day, that you let your pride get in the way
Don't move,
i knew you were my hero
You move on to greener pastures.
Hiding behind my books, slumped over my desk Head down in defeat, as I stumble over each word
There is an empty place in my chest, an empty spot where my thoughts use to flow and my memories use to play. The familiar rhythm that's kept me alive for so long is slowly coming to a halt.
  I saw you today, Surprisingly I was okay. I didn’t want to cry or question why, I’m fine that you aren’t mine. I didn’t know what I saw, Or why I would miss you, I could even risk you.
All alone and so very lost 
Why would someone do such a thing? Someone please tell me why. He gave him so much of his effort. So much of his money and time. Between the two was everything. He'd helped him stand back up.
I miss your voice   and you're gentle touch:   things I dwell upon   all the many hours,   but now you're gone   and I am left
I believed that we wereSo in loveBecause you made me feel so sure BUT You started slipping awayand Icouldn’t do anythingBut cry. THENYOULEFT
The sun awoke in the vast cerulean sky. The grass, green and fresh with dew, Sparkled in the morning sunlight, like tiny fragments of sharp glass. Rainbows flitted across the meadow, halting against giant pale grey stones.
Dear Child, Hear I am, looking down at you; waiting for you to talk  (acknowledge) me; wondering why you're ignoring me My Dear Child,
She made me cry. She left a scar. She hurt me every way possible.   She didn't mean to. She didn't mean not to. She still did.
When I was younger, my father left home. They thought he had a heart made out of gold, But side by side the Lord and Devil hung in that chamber of his inner being. “Don’t spend your heart all in one place, mortal.
It is 1960 and there are two drinking fountains. Colored on the left, white on the right. A young black girl shuffles her feet forward slowly in line. They drag along the dirt and make lines in the ground.
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