Darkened room

There's a darkness in my veins,

I hadn't noticed before.

as I stare at my hands,

I feel so lost, unsure.

I must have stared for hours,

for when I did look up.

I saw the dark before me.

encircling you, my love.

years had passed, a decade.

a time that I had lost.

and I began to panic,

and the dark settled as a fog.

It caressed you with its shadows,

Brushed you with its sin.

and as it danced around you,

I began to break within.

you had been my one light.

my strong and faithful rock.

and now you danced with shadows.

as if only to mock'

to mock that I had loved you.

and given you my heart,

and though it pains me dearly.

I know that we must part.

so I get up and leave thee,

in that darkened room.

and hope that you'll return to me.

and come after me soon.

I know that it won't happen,

for I knew you chose your path.

but a part of me will always hope,

that you'll come running back. 


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