Why You Can't Look Back

Fri, 06/12/2015 - 00:35 -- Aegis

Whatever storms may block Her path, She'll never reach the end,

For I can see deep in the black, and it's without a friend.

The wind is ever howling, like demons in the sky,

The sun is ever blinding, a sky that isn't shy.

The dark is but a nightmare, black and sly and sleek,

And the mountains are oppressing, it sleekly kills the meek. 

The rain will turn to hail, bullets turned to cold,

And frost will grab Her heart, hope becoming old. 

The darkness holds no pleasure, inside its deathly folds,

And if She keeps on looking, it's weapons won't need molds. 

I know She won't stay strong, as She flees to hope gone wry,

With all assailants nearing Her, She will begin to cry. 

Her love is gone and lost, Her haven left Her alone,

Reaching for his lover, and leaving Her as bones. 

The night will close around Her, as she succumbs to death,

Done with the pretending, done with faking breath. 

But lo, what glory yonder? What light is seen above?

How could somebody love Her? Who would send this dove?

But before She even saw it, the storm had blocked Her way,

Presenting all it's dangers, preventing light from day. 

She set her jaw-determined, to give it one last try,

And ran again into the wind, leaving deaths vile cry. 

Now, the love that She was seeking, before she wailed and cried,

Was little more than a dust speck, born anew, her old self died. 

She now knew love was not one storm, to be conquered in one night, 

Love is the eye of a hurricane, surrounded by an endless fight. 

So don't sit down with tears in your eye, get up off that old floor!

This game is not yet over, your lover requires more. 




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