One for the Money

A people so isolated in a culture of assimilation,

A nation so apathetic to all of creation.

When the eyes of the opressed weep beneath their boots,

Crushed beneath a system of fascist roots.

A green frog passes from their lips

Simple ignorance or malice drips

As they weave a world of their own design.

Attack on Christians? White Genocide?

Raising expensive walls for an ignorant end,

The system itself could be mend.

But the culture so isolated,

white Euro-centric,

Imperialism, nationalism, millions dead, tragic

A war of ideas, fought online, fought in protests.

The war dismissed wth more ignorance.

Black Lives Matter diluted by All Lives Matter

Creating more division, the peace will shatter.

Misunderstanding creating opposition

By accident or purpose the right a racist organization.

A crusade to destroy a culture of peace

Creating a culture of hate.

Aren't We Just Great?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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