Mon, 05/11/2020 - 10:33 -- Kbliss

I Fall down onto my knees

I look up into your eyes

I can see you praying to the heavens

Set a fire in my heart

Don’t you know I want you

Don’t leave me for her

Don’t leave me bleeding 

taste me like you need me

Cause it’s always been you, it’s always been you

All my heart wants is you

I fall into a wall

Would I cry or beg

If you fell out of love

Would your eyes grow cold

Would it tear me apart

Cause it’s always been you

My first love

I never said a thing

Cause how could you love a sinner like me

I taste like honey, but a deadly trap

I could hurt you real bad

But I would never

Cause it’s always been you

So tell me you feel the same

Tell me you’ll stay

don’t you know I bow down to you,

You make me so weak cause I have always 

Loved you and it will always be you

Don’t forget me when you’re with her

Cause I can’t forget you when I’m with him

Cause you set a wildfire through me

You give me more than butterflies

I loved you more than anybody

Since the day I fell in love

It’s always been you oh

It has always been you.

I love you.

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I really like it! For some reason as I read I started to sing it in my head.


Thank you so much for your feedback! Funny you say that, i relized it could be a song just after I wrote it! Im glad you liked it XD

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