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I am crying The tears on my pillow My cheeks are soaked My mind is confused What did I do? My face is wet 
Dear Whatever you are,   Dear whatever you are I hope you’re doing well.
Dear ex-boyfriend,  
A freshmans wit, a fresh mans mind, A pretty girl, a petty mind, I thought I had seen the signs. Too much trust, a broken bond,  a fragile young man, whos heart was gone. A masculine culture, a tear to many,
I'm over your bullshit I'm over your lies, Your empty promises, Your crocodile cries. I refuse to coddle you any longer You wear me down Instead of make me stronger. You paralyze me, hypnotize me
Dear Past Xander,  I don't know you,  and you do not know me, for all I've known is, unexplainable atrocities. You were a young, kindred spirit and now you're so dull, making hasty decisions.
Because I have been by your side for years now, you think im attached, You call I dont pick up, So you swing and I collapse, Chains bearing so hard I struggle and unwrap, Words so cold, I can't help but detach, 
On the darkest days, you lift me up. On the brightest days, you rejoice with me. We survived the storm, and all that's left is love. With you, it's the happiest I will ever be.    
Even at their worst they were my parents               It was normal to me               The beatings, the screaming, all of it       And it was always happening  
Because He loves me, Because he loves me… he respects my nos, He tells me I look beautiful when I feel my worst, He lets me spoil him when I feel my best, He listens… Because he loves me he listens,
My hair has been falling Out in clumps in my hairbrush Because you convinced even that to give up on me, Along with my friends and my family
Communication as a whole is key                                           To better shape a relationship that will be
I hate you. The thought of you makes me insane. The way you manipulate when you look at me with eyelids heavy and lips curled.
Love makes you blind Blind to the abuse To the red flags To the signs that you should run away and never look back
It's almost like magic really   how one look into her eyes can fill something in me I didn't know was empty how her touch reaches much deeper than my skin
Someone used to tell me “The things you like are stupid” I was afraid To be passionate To share freely To let go
You say   That you love butterflies   Yet I find you pinning them to a cork board graveyard   Good thing   I am a moth   You say   
He says:   I know you’ve wondered, I’ve known for quite a while, You wonder if I love you, Since I act so juvenile.  
It takes a fraction of a second to open your mouth and say "I love you."  It takes a lifetime to recover when he didn't really love you.  But you love him,  he plays you against yourself because
Because I Love You   Because I love you I deal with the pain from your hands upon my back Your arms throbbing against my shirt creating the foundation of abuse
Because I Love You   Because I love you I deal with the pain from your hands upon my back Your arms throbbing against my shirt creating the foundation of abuse
A contract must be written. Run away, you'll never be forgiven. A sinner that has wronged me, as a sinner you must be given to me. The paper you have received, that I have written,
i forgot your face i forgot your voice i forgot your grip  i forgot you but i remember  giddy grins sunsets shared elated eyes park pizza crushed cheezits skipped stones 
when I was small my mother told me about love she said that he should be like a king and that I should be his queen that he should treat me like the best thing
i.   to who it may concern, when we met, i was 12 i think. i can't remember. the memories that were meant to be mine from ages 12 to 14 are scattered and fractured because of you.   
Lock, Unlock, Lock, Unlock, Knock Knock. “Hold on, almost done!” Lock, Unlock, Lock, Unlock  “Okay, four times... Come in.”   Your beautiful brown eyes  Shine as you take four steps 
I called your out your name,all that returned to my ears was the rustling of leaves,dry as the well that once held my conviction.I planted the love you gave me in the soil,
Because I love you I always forgive Because I love you I always stay Because I love you I try not to cry Because I love you It won’t hurt anymore Because I love you I always smile
Because I love you,  You should ignore when your parents call Because I love you,  You should come hang out with my friends instead of hanging out with yours Because I love you,
We stole glances from across the room Which is something I never thought I’d do Especially with someone like you Because you were Well You   So we went on a few dates
You used me never cared when I tried to make things work You always found a reason to make me hurt You nit picked at everything I did to get a rise out of me
The Earthly Angel The dying blue planet, his home, without True Pink Had not one to love him, not one to form a link.  
Yeah, You might not see this, But I want you to know that I'm here for you. I saw how she treated you, and its's ok to express yourself through words, and not violence like she taught you to.
‘I love you’ I’ve heard that phrase a million bajillion times I never understood why people like hearing it.   My best friend Roxy says it to her parents
#BecauseILoveYou Love is such a fickle thing. It burns, it soothes, it hurts and relieves all in one. Or, at least it should. "Because I love you, you should be mine. In heart, body, and soul."
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