Fraction of a Second

It takes a fraction of a second to

open your mouth and say

"I love you." 

It takes a lifetime to recover

when he didn't really

love you. 

But you love him, 

he plays you against yourself because

he "loves you." 

If you break it off, 

he'll kill himself, 

because he "needs you." 

You love him, 

though he played your fear, 

and you are stuck. 

But your life can't suck, 

that's what your mouth is

meant to do. 

Not meant to have an opinion

not meant to have a say, 

because he loves you 

he "wants you." 

And when you end it, 

when you try not to look back, 

his easy lies will 

continue to pry 

into your best friends' minds. 

In no time, 

people in the hall call you cheater, 

and you don't know why. 

But he said he loved you, 

and you left him. 

That's what they know, 

they don't believe what you know. 

Then you find somebody, 

someone who listens to your cries 

on the phone at Midnight 

because you believe, 

you brought all of this on yourself. 

You find someone, 

who calms you when your mind

is spinning, you are unable to find

a reason to try to live your life. 

They are the one to take away the knife, 

they are the one who knows

how you struggle. 

And when you speak, 

they do not place a muzzle. 

Because they love you, 

they truly love you, 

They listen, never question, 

when you say you aren't ready

for three words

that take a fraction of a second to say

"I love you." 




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