He says She says

He says:


I know you’ve wondered,

I’ve known for quite a while,

You wonder if I love you,

Since I act so juvenile.


I’m here to say that,

That I really do,

I know it’s hard to tell,

But it’s really true.


Because I love you I fill my fists

With the blood that rushes through your face,

But even though I do this, If you need me to,

I’d get on my knees and tie your shoelace.


Because I love you I tell you that

You’re useless and make you feel less glee,

But I say those things so that you

Never ever think of leaving me.


She says:


Listen, I have definitely wondered,

I’ve done it ever since we met,

And even though you act like I’m an object,

You shouldn’t really fret.


I’ll absolutely say it back,

I’ll say I love you too,

I’ll say it even though

You’ll never know what I’ve been through.


Because I love you I might never leave,

I’m just scared to lose protection,

I’d be all alone out there and

I might never again find a connection.


Because I love you I stay with you,

But it gets harder and harder,

Just like the punches I receive

From you and your never ending ardor.


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My community
My country
Our world
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