Because I Love You

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 22:09 -- alyg911

Because I Love You


Because I love you

I deal with the pain from your hands upon my back

Your arms throbbing against my shirt creating the foundation of abuse

Limbs sore from the anger that your palms hold

Like tire tracks against the soft grass, you make your mark


Because I love you

I stay standing in the same corner you back me into

Not knowing exactly how to leave or how to survive when facing you

One day I won't exist because you've caused me to disintegrate into the air you breathe

Your torture will be the cause of my death and you will blame it on the “depression” that no one has noticed


Because I love you

I removed the voice I was given by a greater power that had brought me to you

My screams are muffled by the pillow I was forced to suffer under

While your strong arms are holding me tightly against the floor

Pinning me down only to spit shame


Because I love you

I apologize

For making you angry and stirring up what you call a fight

But your hands around my neck are something of a war

Cutting off my only access of air waiting for my muscles to relax

All because I was the lesser one, the weaker one

And the one who has given up on everything but you


Because I love you

I cry

Because a healthy relationship shouldn’t be filled with love that hates

And the purple bruises on my body shouldn’t exist

The kiss you plant on my head while I’m sleeping shouldn’t hurt

You’re protective hug shouldn’t have the motive to kill

And a gentle touch that lingers across my leg shouldn’t sting


How you think it is right to touch the other half of your life with nothing other than anguish

Is beyond what all the other men and women think can be true to a significant other

Why you see a reflection of wrongfulness in my eyes to start such a battle

Will forever hurt you, but far from how you ever hurt me


I don’t punish

I don’t carry rage

I don’t say a word

Because I love you


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